Live an Unlife Life

I will live an unlife life.Lead an Unlife Life

I will unwrap what has kept my spirit wrapped in knots.

I will undo what has kept me from doing the better thing.

I will unleash what has kept me on a leash of restraint.

I will unlisten to the unfruitful whispers of the past.


I will live an unlife life.

I will unlearn what has limited my learning.

I will unpack what has kept me packed in neat compartments.

I will unbox what has boxed in my creativity.

I will unhook from people who hook me into making bad choices.


I will live an unlife life.

I will unleash what holds me back.

I will unwrap new thoughts and explore new ways forward.

I will unbridle my energy and grab my life completely.


I will live uncommonly.

I will live unbound.

I will live an unlife life.



An invitation.

Leading an unlife life has been on my mind a lot lately. And now I’m curious to hear your thoughts on undoing certain things in your life and leadership in order to take on new actions.

Would you consider writing a blog post about the topic? When you do, please send me a link. Each week I will highlight a collection of unlife life thoughts and approaches.

Uncertain how to begin? Check out Susan Mazza’s piece written last week. It was this post that inspired the idea of gathering other viewpoints.

Please feel free to use the Unlife Life badge to help spread the word. Sparking this community conversation will help us all grow.

Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz is one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business and is a leadership populist, writing to empower Millennial leaders. When we share experiences rather than focus on differences, we realize a thin difference between two generations and a vast opportunity exists to create a big leadership story.
Jon Mertz
Jon Mertz

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  • sketchingbrad

    This is a great read. Thank you for sharing very inspirational.

    • Jon M

      Thanks, Brad. Appreciate that. Hope you write an “un” post! Jon

      • sketchingbrad

        I most definitely will. This idea, or better yet way of life – unlife, is something I’ve been trying to achieve over the past year. Trying to better myself as human being. Once again, this is great!

  • Karri

    Jon, I just read this from the Facebook page of Weaving Influence. I just posted this blog this morning and it made think of what you are encouraging folks to do. A lot of my posts and and why I am doing a blog is right on target with starting a new. Hopefully, utilizing the past to help me more towards and even better future.

    • Jon M

      Thanks, Karri. Doing new things opens new windows of opportunity, and it is what the unlife life is all about. Letting go to free up, unlearning to learn more, etc. Thanks for sharing and hope you join in. Thanks! Jon

  • Emelia Sam

    Love this concept. Had an “un” immediately come to mind. Time to write… :)

    • Jon M

      That’s great, Emelia! Can’t wait to read it and share it. Thanks! Jon

  • Shelley Lundquist

    Love this post, Jon! I am embracing the notion of unlearning all that has held me back. I choose to live unabashedly, unreservedly and unapologetically in all that I am. :)

    • Jon M

      All great “uns,” Shelley! Thanks for your comment, and I hope you write an “un” post. Your insight and thoughts would be a welcomed addition to the conversation. Thank you! Jon

      • Shelley Lundquist

        I think it’s a great idea. I do believe I will. In my own inimitable style, of course!

        • Jon M

          I cannot wait, Shelley! Looking forward to it….

  • Deone Higgs

    Great idea here, Jon! Even though I’ve already written an “un-post” a few weeks ago (, you’ve inspired me to write another one. Be on the look out, I’ll take you up on that invitation, buddy. :)

    • Jon M

      Deone, I remember this post of yours, and it fits so well. I do look forward to your next “un” post, as your perspective adds an essential voice to the conversation. I cannot wait to read and share your “un” post! Thanks! Jon

  • Wendy Appel

    Beautiful, Jon. Really.

    Love your idea and will see what surfaces for a post on the topic.

    Your poem reminds me of a poem by Dawna Markova–one of my favorites–“I Will Not Die an Unlived Life.” Link attached. You are in wonderful company.


    • Jon M

      Wendy, Thanks so much for your comment and especially for that poem by Dawna Markova. Wonderfully heartfelt and real words to live by.

      I hope you join in with a post on your “un” thoughts, as you offer so much insight through your writings and conversations. Thanks again, Wendy! Jon

  • Alice Chan

    Jon, beautiful poem, which led me to read your original unlife post that was very insightful and thought-provoking. Our lives are a constant balance between honoring our past–as we can’t be who we are now without all the experiences, including the mistakes–distilling the value from it and creating our future. It’s an ever-evolving process of discernment and clarification, testing and refinement. If we’re willing and open to it, we learn in the process to trust our inner wisdom more and more and letting go of our need to judge ourselves and life more and more. Anyway, thanks for introducing this very meaningful topic of personal inquiry and dialogue.

    • Jon M

      Thank you, Alice, for your added insights to this. It is an “ever-evolving” process, and we need to embrace it to keep the right balance of unlearning and learning. It is important to respect the past, just as it is to learn from it and advance forward. I hope you consider writing an “un” post. It would be great to share your insights on this topic. Thanks! Jon

  • Loren Wade

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I love the message, as it does seem we have some themes in common. :)

    • Jon M

      Thanks, Loren, for adding a comment and, yes, we have some themes in common! Your The Unlifer Manifesto is great! I will definitely explore your site some more. Appreciate making the connection! Jon

  • Ali Davies

    Love this Jon – great food for thought and a terrific reminder that our life is all about taking personal responsibility.

    • Jon M

      Thanks, Ali! Hope you consider writing an “un” post. Let me know if you do, as I will share it! Thanks again. Jon