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I am a Baby Boomer, although I’m at the edge of two generations. In reality, it doesn’t matter. All it means is that I have had some experiences through the years, and I am ready and willing to share them, especially with Generation Y and Generation Z.

Jon MertzMy story begins in South Dakota, growing up on a farm and attending Augustana College. After graduating with a degree in Government & International Affairs, my career accelerated to Washington, DC. It started with working for U.S. Senator Jim Abdnor and ended with a stint in The White House. Working in politics and government gave me an amazing experience and foundation to build upon. It was my time of public service.

Seeing that my career was on an eventual path to becoming a lobbyist of some sort, I decided to get an MBA at The University of Texas in Austin. I wanted to get on a new path. Getting my MBA was a great experience, which enabled me to have a 20+ career in marketing, business development, and high tech ventures (large and entrepreneurial). I am currently vice president of marketing for a healthcare software company.

Speaking at Tarrant County College - Hospitaltyfan

Speaking at Tarrant County College – Hospitaltyfan

My business experience embraces a mix of large, strategic companies – Deloitte, IBM, and BMC Software – and entrepreneurial ones such as VTEL and QuickArrow.

Through this mix of career – public and private, I gained certain insights from these experiences. Added to the mix are my two teen sons and my interest in eliminating gaps between the generations’ gains in strength. There is so much more we can do together than apart.

My personal mission is to share my time, experience, wisdom and encouragement (as much as I can) to help Millennials become the next, great generation of leaders, leading mindfully and spiritedly.

My name is Jon Mertz, and this blog platform is designed to close gaps and create an environment where we can all create a more meaningful leadership story. There is a thin difference between us. We just need to cross whatever gap we think exists and create a stronger leadership story together. Let’s begin sharing, learning, and growing as leaders!

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