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Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz enjoys starting a good conversation, interacting with thoughtful people, and offering what he can to engage in meaningful actions on how to lead and live in better ways.

Thin Difference was built with this mind, honing in on how to guide, inspire, and challenge Millennials in their leadership and life skills.

Jon has a background as a farmer’s son in his formative years, a political appointee during his 20s, and a marketing and business development leader over the past twenty plus years. His work has been in large and entrepreneurial companies like Deloitte, IBM, QuickArrow, and Corepoint Health.

If you want to read the extended version of Jon’s story, you can read more here. Follow Jon on Twitter @ThinDifference or @jonmertz and join our Facebook community.

Why the Thin Difference Community?

The number one reason: The Generation Gap is a myth.

There is a Thin Difference between generations when we begin to share experiences and perspectives.

However, a Leadership Gap may be a reality – unless we start talking to one another.

The Thin Difference community is an intergenerational forum sparking a movement that inspires Millennials to become the next great generation of leaders. Read more about Thin Difference and our mission.

The Thin Difference Team

Molly Page

Molly-smallAs a devoted consumer of culture and perpetual student of social media, Molly Page is typically in the process of learning something new. She is perpetually curious to discover and explore new and existing digital platforms that allow her to maintain and strengthen human relationships and help others build their businesses.

Though not a Chicagoan by birth, Molly is a Chicagoan by choice. The city’s history, culture and world-class architecture quickly won her heart. She volunteers for several cultural institutions and prides herself on being an ambassador of Chicago.

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Jeremy Chandler

Jeremy-smallJeremy Chandler is a passionate about Millennial leadership, authentic community, and any conversation that takes place over coffee.
Professionally, Jeremy serves as the Content Marketing Strategist for Pursuant, a fundraising agency, where he works at the intersection of, marketing, communication, technology, and client services team to provide the most valuable and relevant content for today’s nonprofit leaders. He also serves as the Director of Partnerships for STORY, a gathering of over 1,500 innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and craftsmen.

Personally, he and his wife Mary live in Nashville, TN with their two weimaraners, Gus & Henry.

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Heidi Oran

Heidi-smallHeidi Oran is the author of the blog The Conscious Perspective, where she focuses on helping Millennials uncover their passions and dreams, and initiates conversations focused on the search for meaning and purpose. She has been an entrepreneur since her early twenties, and has been utilizing the knowledge gained through her ventures to encourage her peers to mindfully participate in shaping the future they desire.

Heidi is champion of the Millennial generation, and believes that with a shift in perspective, this group can truly create the change they crave. Along with raising her three sons, she is currently writing her first book, The Conscious Perspective: A Guidebook for Millennials Seeking Meaning, Purpose & Joy, which will be released in 2015. You can connect with Heidi on Twitter, Facebook, or contact her via email here.

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