Your Glass of Life – Growing

As we look at teens in our home or community, we see a little of ourselves, and we want to sit down and have a conversation to share a few things we have learned along life’s way. Getting a listening ear is always a challenge.

Your Glass of Life - Growing

“I feel every student at the junior high and high school level should have the opportunity to read, think about and discuss Your Glass of Life. This thoughtful, well written and easy to read book by Jon Mertz encourages young people to prepare for the life ahead in a most positive way.

Following the author’s recipe for a strong glass of life can help the reader acquire the tools and wisdom to make a life time of correct choices.” Harold Brown, former high school coach and teacher

Teens today have so much in front of them, more choices to make, more possibilities of unintended directions. It is their life story unfolding, and it so important for them to grab ahold of their life narrative.

The truth is we are all still growing, developing our life story. Replace “teens” with “adults” in the above sentences, and the same applies to us.

The goal of Your Glass of Life is to simply deliver several life messages through an analogy of a glass. It is done through words and the wonderful artwork of Alison Jardine.

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Here is what people have to say about Your Glass of Life:

“…perfectly calibrated for teens’ busy lives and interests.”

“Beautiful guideposts for teens, and the rest of us too.”

“A teenager’s guide to a rich and rewarding life.”

Your Glass of Life is available in two options:  paperback or Kindle versions. For electronic devices, the artwork will display more vibrantly with a Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, or similar device. The paperback version is in full color as well.

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