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The Smart Political Middle

What Is the Best Way to Brand the Middle?

If a third party was to be a real force in U.S. politics, then it has to start with the basics. What is its brand? An interesting question which needs to be answered if a real independent or third party can be successful in American politics.

The Role of Being in the Middle of an Organization

Leading from the Organizational Middle

Layers of middle management have been forever eliminated in many organizations over the last two decades. The role of a middle manager has been completely transformed. Being in the middle is a critical role, nonetheless. Use your middle role well in achieving success in the new world of organizations.

Life in the Middle - The Myth of the Mid-Life Crisis

The Myth of the Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-life crisis are a myth. They are not real. What is real is a core life crisis, and it can happen at any time. When it happens, it needs to be addressed at that time, not 10 or 30 years later. Live a life of meaning all the time.