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The Smart Political Middle

What Is the Best Way to Brand the Middle?

If a third party was to be a real force in U.S. politics, then it has to start with the basics. What is its brand? An interesting question which needs to be answered if a real independent or third party can be successful in American politics.

The Displaced Divide

The Political Wave and Divide

There are two interesting things about the 2010 election. First, change is happening very quickly today – the waves are quickly washing away majorities and creating new ones. Second, misjudging majorities or the divide between two groups is a big mistake. There are key leadership lessons for us all to learn.

Applying Politics to Life

Applying Election Rhetoric to Our Every Day Life

Can the 2010 campaign phrases be applied to our every day lives in a meaningful way? There are a few which work. The bottom line is that we need to begin to solve our problems rather than just them on to the next generation. Good advice for us and our families as well as for our country.

Gov. Christie Chancellor Rhee - New Leaders

The Great Leadership Hope

Do you ever wonder what happened to the good leaders? Today, on one end of the spectrum, we hear “leaders” try to parse words so they don’t make anyone too mad at them. On the opposite end, we hear “leaders” say outrageous things to stand out, make political points, or get a spot on some talking head show. There is hope – Governor Christie and Chancellor Rhee are exhibiting solid leadership capabilities.

Shirley Sherrod

YouTube Justice System?

We need to take a deep breath in our judgments and be patient in letting all the facts come to light. Falling in the trap of YouTube justice should be avoided by all of us.

The McChrystal Lessons

McChrystal delivered some important leadership lessons which we can learn from and try to avoid making similar mistakes. Three insights include: Know the role requirements, fit the skills to it; don’t be petty, especially when the press is present; and ensure you have confidence in your team, otherwise change it from within or know when to leave it.