Where is the leadership in Washington, DC today? It seems to have evaporated completely.

Republicans don’t seem to have any real plans or alternatives to moving our country forward. Democrats seem comfortable with just blaming everyone for the issues and challenges.

No one is stepping up to a level of responsibility expected and necessary. Our leaders seem “moonstruck” with the idea of ducking and blaming being an acceptable practice.

A few questions to consider:

  • What if the Obama Administration worked together with BP as a partner to put the best minds, knowledge, resources, and efforts to work in concert? Would we be further along with stopping the oil flow and with the clean-up efforts? The blame game can come later, after the immediate issue is solved.
  • What if the Republicans actually had a 6-point plan on what to do with the deficits, health care, the economy, energy, etc.? Would we have a better debate if there were some alternatives to consider? The political pettiness can be put on hold, and a real debate about future plans can be discussed.

It seems that we have lost all sense of responsibility over the past two years. The “too big to fail” mentality has stunted the ability to lead in Washington. It is easier to just “bail out” of responsibility rather than dig in to solve challenges and lead with a vision and a plan.

The economic crisis has created a moonstruck culture in Washington, DC, meaning there is a romantic or crazed notion with un-accountability and leading through blame or inaction.

Unfortunately, the moonstruck attitude in Washington is just delaying when real decisions will need to be made. In other words, at some point soon, we will need to pay for everything; and, at some point soon, we will need to have true leadership demonstrated to deliver a direction that will resolve issues and get us on the right track.

Republicans and Democrats should be reading the tea leaves. The Tea Party has begun a movement to toss out the Washington culture that cannot muster the necessary leadership to make astute decisions and take reasonable action to solve real challenges. Like this movement or not, challenging the moonstruck culture is a redeeming element of the Tea Party.

Our political leaders need to take to heart the famous line in the movie Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!”