Life is too shortMany people take the statement “life is too short…” the wrong way. It has become a justification point for doing something in the moment, typically a more consumer-oriented action.

The reality is life is too short. We do not know when our life will end, so we must take actions each day which, when linked together, produce  meaning within the time we have. It is our story to build between the bookends of life.

Unfortunately, immediate gratification gets in the way. Life is too short has been commercialized into just do it – just grab it, enjoy it, now!

A mind shift needs to occur. The commercial instant reaction needs to move to a meaningful interaction. In other words, what actions will you take now to produce real meaning in your life? Answer this question and then take steps each day to realize it.

This approach means you need to think about the longer term impact but take short, meaningful actions each day.

Yes, you still need to work and make a living. Outside of this, do more than just make a living; find something to make meaning.

It is not just do one or two things. Divide your time into thirds – one part work, one part family, and one part extra meaning. In doing this, all three will be much better.

Life is too short to end without being meaningful. Why are you on this planet to begin with?

Action plan:

  1. Define what will make your life meaningful.
  2. Take actions each day to ensure your life, in the end, is meaningful.
  3. Spread your actions across the three parts – family, work, and meaning.
  4. Make inspired choices which lead to real differences.