The new business models which combine social missions with profitability intrigue me. Simply said, I love them! TOMS is one of those models, which has a One for One model:  Buy a pair of shoes, and one is given to someone in need.

Great concept. Great mission. Great Results.

A milestone was reached in September 2010 when TOMS had distributed over 1 million shoes to those who need them. More than great results; it is helping people reduce sickness, get to school more easily, and have a little higher quality life.

One Day Without ShoesThree years ago, TOMS launched A Day Without Shoes campaign to raise awareness of this mission. It grew to 250,000 participants last year.

It is time now to do it again and increase the participation and awareness even further!

The details:  April 5 — Go without shoes for an hour or the whole day. To learn more or find a group in your area, go to the One Day Without Shoes website.

I will be taking off my shoes on April 5, along with a team of us. It is a great way to understand what it is like to be shoeless while raising awareness of the need for shoes in many places around the world.

I had the opportunity to learn about TOMS and hear Blake Mycoskie at last year’s Global Leadership Summit. It was refreshing, to say the least. And, it was because of the sustainable model he put together, and the excitement and energy Blake brings to it.

Lead by example. Join us on April 5 for a day without shoes.