My Sons - Questions I Ask Myself as a DadThere are many changes that occur when raising kids. One is when they stop calling you “daddy” and just shorten it to “dad.” In general, even this small change signals a transition as they move into pre-teen and then teen years.

As a father, here are some — happens to be 12 — questions that I challenge myself with on a frequent basis, usually daily.

  1. Am I setting a good example for my sons?
  2. Are my sons setting a good example?
  3. Am I setting standards too high or too low in what to expect from them?
  4. Am I being a good husband?
  5. Am I growing in my knowledge, in my way of doing things?
  6. How am I encouraging my sons to be better, do more?
  7. How am I encouraging myself to be better, do more?
  8. Am I helping my sons develop a leadership and community attitude?
  9. Am I giving them the opportunity and challenge to strengthen their faith and inner Spirit?
  10. Am I strengthening my faith and inner Spirit?
  11. Am I holding my sons accountable for their actions and choices?
  12. Do I have the accountability mechanisms in place for myself?

All this is centered in my love for them and my hope for a spirit-filled life.

To keep doing our best as parents, there needs to be a mutual challenge, ensuring we keep ourselves on the right track as well as our kids.

What questions do you ask yourself as a parent?