Juggling Life ActivitiesRight now, there seems to be so much going on. Work, family, and extracurricular projects are all on high activity alert! I am not complaining at all. In fact, it is fun in some sort of curious way.

Here are six random thoughts about juggling multiple life things at once:

1.  Juggling multiple activities is more of an art than a science. While science delivers a way to manage your time efficiently, art enables your heart, mind, and body to do the work. There isn’t a proven way to do this; there are things which work differently for different people.

Determining your art to juggling is essential, and it may change as you move through life phases. That may be why juggling life activities is more of an art; there is no one proven, repeatable way to manage what happens in an active life.

2.  Mind, body, and spirit – something needs to give, and something needs to take. All three cannot be maintained to high-performing levels at the same time. Why? There isn’t enough time in the day, especially during the really, really busy periods. Taking time-outs to renew my spirit and refresh my mind are taking priority now. Although I still exercise my body, it is at a lower level than once was done. At the moment, my body is taking the “blows” in not being as high-performing as the other two, but it is all still coming together.

Decide your give-and-take of the critical three life elements – mind, body, and spirit, lessening one to a certain degree while focusing more on the others.

3.  Have good relationships in place. Relationships with your spouse, kids, co-workers, and friends provide a foundation that supports you in achieving various results. Strong relationships enable more to be done. Weak relationships create more distractions.

Nothing can be perfect, but try to ensure solid relationships are in place. You need a base of support.

4.  Each activity plays off each other, raising all. Varied activities expand your mind, and keep your spirit engaged. Your perspective and outlook are freshened. It is like the more stuff you put in the pool, the higher the level of performance. Granted, there is a balance, but that is where the juggling part comes in!

Find the right mix of activities to lift and fill your life with spirit and meaning.

5.  Be excited rather than pitied. Two extremes, I agree. By “pitied” I mean there are people who just won’t do what is necessary to have an engaged life. They expect things to come to them rather than go to the things that make things happen. Now there is a sentence! Juggling multiple things is exciting; it is engaging. You are involved. Your hands, mind, and spirit are doing something worthwhile, so keep the positive forward motion going on several fronts! Make a difference!

Embrace your life vigorously and joyously.

6.  Don’t ignore the important things in life. Your family life needs to be a priority. Your spiritual life needs to be active. Your mind needs to continue to learn and expand. Take the time to tend to these things, even if it means dropping a few balls, juggling less.

Know the important elements in your life and pay active attention.

Are you juggling multiple life activities? What random thoughts would you add?