Be a Trust ActivistAn activist is a “vigorous advocate of a cause.”

What if the cause was trust? What if we led as a trust activist in all that we do and say?

An interesting dynamic would unfold.

This is trust as a cause.

Trust as a cause would translate into us leading as a passionate defender of integrity in all our actions and words. Trust would be wrapped tightly around how we interact with others and what we say in private and public.


What we say to a close confidant matches what we say in front of recording cameras.

What we do when no one is really watching matches what we do in front of a public gathering.

Imagine consistency of character.

This is trust as a cause. It is the flag we wrap around our lives.

What happens when we need to take a different path?

Life changes.

People change.

Principles remain.


We cannot achieve what we said. Performance cannot be maintained. Financial metrics cannot be made. Objectives cannot be met.

A trust activist comes forward and embraces the truth, tells the truth. A trust activist does not steal, connive, or lie.

Imagine consistency of character.

Relationships fray. Vows weaken. Attempts to repair are unsuccessful.

A trust activist puts forward best efforts. Together, plans to save or dissolve are made. All is done together, upfront and honestly, with no clandestine relationships in the background.

Imagine consistency of character.

A trust activist solves challenges with resolve.

No surprises. No unexpected resignations. No tell-all tales. Truth unfolds directly with those impacted.

Trust endures through the realities of life and leadership.

Trust is at the core.

Life is imperfect.

Humanity is imperfect.

With trust in the middle of it all, imperfections are worked through with integrity. Changes are made honestly. Transparency is more than a fancy word; it is embraced with those who have placed their trust in us.

A trust activist embraces integrity as a cause in all life and leadership trials.

No punting of issues for a later time.

No hiding behind false numbers.

No inappropriate relationships.

A trust activist solves the issues.

A trust activist stands up to reality, taking on the challenging questions and facts.

A trust activist resolves relationship challenges, dissolving when necessary before moving on.

The path of a trust activist isn’t always the easiest one, but it is the best one. It requires a strong soul, stiff backbone, clear mind, and resolute spirit.

Honesty and integrity are more than chiseled words on a granite wall. They are held in good and challenging times. After all, a trust activist passionately embraces this cause in living and leading.

Trust activist. Lead as one. Live as one. Be one.

Are you ready to be a trust activist? What actions will embrace the trust cause? Join the conversation below in the comments section.