Top 5 of 2012Time quickly passes, and it seems like a blur. If we are not careful, life zips by without us embracing it in the most purposeful way possible.

It is important to take a break and consider what has passed and what is ahead. As another year is recorded, it is interesting to see what resonated most within this community. Along with the top 5 most read posts, I took a look back and highlighted the ones that meant the most to me.

The Top 5 Most Read

Here are the most popular posts:

  1. How to Get and Keep Respect – 4 Practices
  2. How to Toughen Up – 4 Steps
  3. What Does Peace Mean to You?
  4. An Unlife Life – Five Different Perspectives
  5. What Is Your Information Productivity Personality?

It is an interesting mix. Personal respect and toughness were blended in with thoughts of peace and creating a unique life. While we work to be productive in what we do, we also want more. The essential lesson is to determine how to live as full as we can as often as we can.

My Top 5 from 2012

My personal top 5 are:

  1. Creating an Unlife Life
  2. Be a Trust Activist
  3. It’s on Me
  4. How to Select the Right Life Path Jumps
  5. What Type of Wake Are You Cultivating?

The blend of these posts is about the rhythm of life, doing things we must do along with what empowers our purpose. Trust is at the core and needs to be a verb, always active. Working with people who make us better and ensuring we are doing the same are critical elements to leading with full character and integrity.

Although these posts are just my highlights, they reflect some lessons learned this past year and deliver thoughts and practices I will continue to embrace in the years ahead.

Moving Forward….

The past year has been fulfilling. There are always challenges and progress. Life delivers a mix, and we continue to learn and grow. Within our communities and within ourselves, we chart a path forward.

Wishing you all the best of purpose in what you choose to do!