Events drive thoughts and actions. In the United States, Thanksgiving sparks a spurt of gratitude. Like a note on a calendar, we express thanks, cross it off as done, and move on. Leading with a gratitude mindset should be so much more. Gratitude is living in a state of amazement while amazing others in what we give.


Be Amazed, Gratefully

We don’t even have to walk out the door to be amazed. Just think of our bodies. How they work, survive, thrive, think, and act is completely amazing. All these parts come together in some sort of cohesive, functioning package seems impossible, yet they do.

As we leave the comforts of our homes, we see amazing sites and moments of perfect beauty and connection. Colorful petals bound together on a flower or arms wrapped around another show how amazing tight connections lift the spirits of all who notice.

MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) is amazing. A rocket blasts off for a journey to Mars, and what a journey it is. MAVEN will reach its destination in September, 10 months later. Discovery takes patience, just as growth does. In time, we explore, learn, understand, apply, and do things in more amazing ways than ever before.

Take the time. Be amazed. Express gratitude in what you see.

Amaze Others by Giving

Amazing things happen when we give. Everyone has something to give.

  • Perspective
  • Knowledge
  • A hand
  • Thoughts
  • Words
  • Compassion

Whatever our gifts and talents, our responsibility is to give. Amazing things are triggered often when we give.

  • Giving isn’t dominating. Giving is supporting.
  • Giving isn’t reciprocal. Giving is abundance.
  • Giving isn’t self-centered. Giving is community-centered.

When we give, we see smiles of acceptance, growth, appreciation, and innovation. Giving mindsets amaze others and sets an example to carry forward.

Take the time. Amaze others. Give your gifts and talents so others will do likewise.

Leading Amazed | Amazing Leadership

Here is a sad, preventable statistic:

“Each day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Distracted Driving)

Human life is taken by being distracted. Although statistics are not gathered, distractions are damaging our organizations in higher numbers every day.

Leading Amazed. In our workplaces, human spirit is lost by distractions. What I mean is, too often, we don’t notice the amazing things happening around us. People doing great work do so in obscurity all too frequently. As leaders, we get distracted and become insulated or unaware. We need to develop our leadership skills to lead amazed by recognizing what others are doing and creating a culture of gratitude. The results will be more spirited engagement and soulful work along with an exponential number of amazing things being done by a group of amazing people.

Leading amazed is avoiding the distractions and side-stepping event-driven only gratitude. Leading amazed is being aware, mindful, and active in expressing gratitude when and where it happens.

Amazing Leadership. Another key element in this approach is Amazing Leadership, meaning we give to others openly and freely. Amazing leadership is not lectures and strict directions. Amazing leadership is passing on lessons, insights, and considerations to empower others in their growth and contributions. Can you imagine a culture of amazing leadership? I can. They are likely the most innovative organizations.

Krista Kotrla highlighted this fact in our recent Authentic Leadership Dallas meeting. This reflection seemed so obvious as she spoke the words. What a culture of gratitude delivers is an open, innovative one. Amazing leadership inspires this spirit of giving and creating.

How do you lead by being amazed by what is around you and in amazing others in what you give?