compromiseToday, in many ways, we seem more solidified in positions, a bunker mentality of sorts. Negotiation is seen as a weak activity. Stalemate is acceptable. Compromise is unacceptable. And, accordingly, our progress forward stalls.

Running in place is better than moving forward to solve problems or launch initiatives. At some point in time, however, we run out of breath, and things begin to falter. Problem solving crumbles.

In politics, this seems to be where we stand. In business, it happens too often as well.

Too much compromising… of values

Here is the odd thing about this.  While compromise is viewed as being bad, compromising has been very active.

Compromising honesty has happened. Compromising sound business principles has happened. Compromising our future with loads of debt has happened. Compromising trust has happened. Too many have been good at compromising the fundamentals of doing the right things for a stronger, more inclusive and diverse future.

While compromise has been out of fashion, too many compromising positions and actions have been taken.

Too little compromise to mold a better future

Compromise is not bad. It is not about sacrificing principles. It is not about giving up. To compromise, it entails listening, understanding, and determining how best to move forward in a positive way.

This is a call to compromise again and to stop compromising fundamental principles. Here’s the distinction:


The bottom line of compromise

We need to stop compromising our principles and start to engage a sound compromise approach to reach agreement on how to move solutions forward positively.


  • Stalemate usually does not result in getting better
  • Entrenchment usually results in being overrun eventually
  • Deadlock usually means that no one is listening
  • Standoff usually means no one is leading

As leaders, we need to embrace higher standards while determining how to advance our organizations – and society – forward to continuously innovate, mold, create, and motivate, activating the best in ourselves and all those around us.

This is a call for stronger leadership in business, community, government, social good, and social cause organizations.

  • Are you ready to lead with higher standards and values?
  • Are you ready to compromise with integrity to find the strongest solutions for a more positive future?

Our sustainable, progressive future requires us to be ready to step up.