Guest Post by Annabelle Smyth

Let’s face it; leadership can be incredibly challenging.

Although some people have a natural inclination for leadership roles, it doesn’t eliminate the effort it takes to become successful. It doesn’t negate the value of experience and dedication. And it certainly doesn’t get rid of the challenges that leaders are bound to face.

Leadership Truths Nobody Likes to Talk About

Certain aspects of leadership can be brutal – and many of them are not openly discussed. This often serves to make them even more difficult to deal with, which is why we are going to explore a few of them in this article.

1. Am I The Only One?

If you’ve ever felt lonely in your leadership role, you’re not the only one.

Leaders on both small and large scales have likely experienced the feelings of isolation that come with the job. We may not like to admit it, but our position does result in a certain amount of loneliness. This can occur for various reasons, such as intimidation, the limitations of our interactions or the need to enforce unpopular policies.

The loneliness that plagues those of us in leadership positions can be relived with a variety of strategies. However, the first step is often accepting your feelings and connecting with people in new ways.

2. The Dreaded Words

Let’s say it together:

I don’t know.”

The words above can be difficult to express for many of us. Admitting that we lack knowledge in a specific area is not always easy – especially for those in leadership positions. Being held to a higher standard and regularly finding yourself in the spotlight makes it even more traumatic to reveal that you are not the fount of all knowledge.

Just keep in mind, that there is power in vulnerability and the best leaders can admit that they don’t know everything. It might also help to picture how ridiculous you’ll appear if you get caught trying to fake it.

3. Too Big to Fail

Sometimes it can seem like there is nothing in the world that can bring you down.

That’s garbage. Just ask the Titanic.

Fear is another leadership truth that is not often talked about. Putting on that mask of confidence to push down your fear of failure is not as uncommon as you might think. The fear of making mistakes, failing to succeed and ultimately looking stupid is very human.

Leaders of all kinds can – and do – fall. The best leaders don’t let the fear of falling stop them from taking the plunge.

There is no single path to becoming an effective leader, in the same way, that there isn’t one correct way to deal with the challenges that come with the job. In addition to the relief that comes with the realization that you are not alone, there are also other resources and tools such as leadership seminars that can help hone your skills and bring you closer to the fruition of your goals.

Guest Post

Annabelle Smyth HeadshotAnnabelle Smyth is a freelance writer who covers everything from HR to technology and leadership training. Her most recent work involves partnership marketing with BambooHR where she has had the opportunity to learn about the relationship between employee engagement and successful businesses.