Thin Difference provides a platform for people to share their personal leadership stories, experiences, practices, and insights to empower the next generation of leaders. Although any leader will benefit from your guest post, the target audience is primarily Generation Y or Millennial Leaders. Our goal is two-fold:

  1. Inspire and enable Millennial Leaders through best practices in creativity, innovation, leadership, and mindfulness
  2. Engage in thoughtful, thought-provoking conversations based on experiences and insights

If you have a perspective to share, then please send it. Your viewpoint is welcomed and encouraged!


  1. Original content! We love the content to be original and exclusive to Thin Difference. We do accept content that has been previously published but refreshed for Thin Difference.
  2. Unique point of view, thought-provoking: Content should be more than original; it should be unique. A new view, new spin, or new activity will help the Thin Difference readers learn something new! Add some depth to your unique idea, and you are set.
  3. Actionable: Identifying trends, challenges, or shifts help make a post come alive. Equally important is to have suggested actions to take in navigating the changes or overcoming the challenges. Make your post actionable as much as possible!
  4. Check it! Please edit your article before sending it. Well-written articles will get priority. Check the basics, too, as correct spelling is necessary.
  5. Tone: Choose your own unique voice. The tone should be guiding. Our goal is to make the next generation of leaders better in how, why, and what they do, say, and think.
  6. Word count: Between 400-800 words is highly preferred.
  7. No sales pitch: We do not accept posts that include a sales pitch or reference products (either the author’s or a third party but we are more than happy to link to your website).
  8. Topics: The Thin Difference readers are interested in topics around leadership in the workplace, community, and life. Personal and leadership development are components. The topics should be centered on insights, practices, lessons learned, and new ways to lead mindfully, inspirationally, and purposefully.
  9. Biography: We cannot compensate for guest posts but we will include a short 2-3 sentence biography and photograph about our guest authors. We are also happy to showcase your other writing samples by linking to one website and social media channel (Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account) in the bio section.
  10. Be a real person: The author of the guest post must have a reasonable and complete LinkedIn profile. Verification is required. We need to see a real picture and a real person.


  1. Please include any resources that you specifically refer to or quote from throughout your submission. Providing a hyperlink to quoted content is required.
  2. Submit your post in a Word and/or Google document.
  3. We appreciate only one space after a full stop/period for the purpose of starting a new sentence.
  4. Once your post is published, we encourage you to share your post with your community through all of your social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, email).


  1. Ensure your post has a title and you reference this title in your email submission.
  2. Your brief bio (less than 100 words) with links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. A high resolution headshot or photo to use as part of your bio.
  4. A graphic for the post and the source for the image (e.g., Featured image courtesy of <name> licensed via creative commons, some rights reserved).
  5. Email the above to Please be patient. We will review each submission and let you know if we will use your article. When it is scheduled, you will receive an email with the publication timing.
  6. Guest posts are typically published on Saturdays.

Thank you!