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Jeremy Chandler is a 20-something who loves coming alongside other Millennials to navigate through the topics of leadership, career development, and personal growth. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and jumps at any opportunity to connect over coffee.

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5 Books Every Recent College Graduate Should Read

Graduates, don’t let burn out from all that required reading keep you from reading to ensure your long-term success. Take note, these five books every recent college graduate should read will get you back in the habit of reading for pleasure.

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Advice I Wish I’d Heard at Graduation 7 Years Ago

For many students, graduation day can’t come soon enough. Our team member Jeremy Chandler shares some advice for graduates in the class of 2017.

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How to Provide Productive Criticism to the Participation Trophy Generation

  Millennials are known as the participation trophy generation. In an effort to teach us that “winning isn’t everything,” we were all celebrated equally. Rather than being rewarded for working hard or winning, we were all given a prize for showing up, even when (if we’re honest with ourselves) we weren’t that good. While the…

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Motivating Millennials on Your Team

Motivating Millennials is a proverbial nut that almost every organization and leader is trying to crack. As the largest generation in today’s labor force, Millennials make up a significant percentage of employees at businesses both big and small. Unfortunately, the challenges and issues around leading Millennials seem to be just as big as the generation…

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3 Alternatives for Those Who Don’t Set (or Keep) New Year’s Resolutions

  Is setting New Year’s Resolutions still on your to-do list? You’re not alone. Even though we’re five days into 2017, millions of people across the country are already behind on their goals for the new year. If you’re beating yourself up about not setting any resolutions yet, here’s some more good news, no one really…

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3 Manageable Preparation Ideas for the Non-Planner

I’m not a planner. Blame it on the “P” in my Myers-Briggs, but the idea of spending time developing a long-term plan for something a year down the road is draining. I’m naturally wired to discover the future one day at a time and prefer working on short-term projects rather than ongoing long-term endeavors. However,…

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Four Damaging Mentalities Millennials Must Break

Millennials can be pretty critical of older generations who seem stuck in their ways. “They just don’t get it anymore… that’s not how the world works.” “This isn’t the 1950’s anymore…” “How can they still think that is going to work?” These are all things I’ve heard Millennial co-workers say about our superiors. While Millennials…

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5 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned from 5 Jobs in 5 Years

I’m only twenty-eight. Since I finished college and started working, I have had about five years in the “real world” under my belt. However, a lot has happened in that five-year period. Like most people right out of college, I have held a couple of different positions since entering the workforce. I’ve worked in traditional…

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Tired of Trying to Keep All the Plates Spinning?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the plates you’re trying to keep spinning? If so, you’re not alone. Between our work projects, extracurricular responsibilities, time spent investing in relationships, many of us feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks and responsibilities on our plate. In fact, nearly half of the American population feels…

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Millennials: We’ll Never Make it on Our Own

Most Millennials have strong desire and ambition to create the life we want rather than following traditional pathways of success. In fact, 78% of millennials are motivated by the concept of “charting their own course.”

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A Simple Formula to Create Margin

Intentionally unplugging has become an increasingly important idea in today’s world. There have been countless articles written about how taking time off is the secret to increased productivity. Numerous studies have been conducted in recent years that confirm that we all need time rest. As a whole, our society has realized the value of jumping…

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John Maxwell’s Greatest Piece of Advice for Young Leaders

When one of the greatest leadership voices and authors of the past 50 years is asked to share “a single piece of piece of advice” with young leaders, you immediately grab a pen and paper. That’s exactly what I did when I had the opportunity to hear John Maxwell speak at Catalyst Conference in 2008….

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