Molly Page

Molly Page is a freelance writer and digital strategist. She considers herself lucky because she calls work things that feel more like play. After falling madly in love with her adopted hometown, Chicago, she wrote a book about it, 100 Things to Do in Chicago Before You Die. When she’s not hard at play, she can be found snapping pictures and adding to the list of foods she’s tried that would make you gag. Shrimp heads, anyone? Follow her adventures via Twitter or Instagram @mollypg.

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Digesting Criticism: How to Process Difficult Information

It’s never easy to accept criticism. But we all face it from time to time. Will we run away and ignore it, or learn from it and better ourselves?

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Seek the Counter Argument

Different perspectives are out there! We just have to be bold enough to seek the counter argument. Artistic expressions can be a great way to do that.

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Learning from Bad Leadership Advice

With so much advice out there, we’re bound to receive some bad leadership advice from time to time. How do we make the best of the situation?

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A Holiday Challenge: Focus and Be Present

Many of us don’t have the option to walk away from the office. The office follows us wherever we go. How can technology help us to be present on holiday?

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Activating My Privilege For Good

It’s only when we recognize our privilege that we’re in a position to activate it for good in the community. It’s time to use privilege to better the world.

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All the Opinions: Surviving the Outrage Epidemic

In the midst of this outrage epidemic, it’s tempting to share our opinions (educated or not) on every issue of the day. Sometimes it’s okay to be quiet.

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Resist the Urge to Have the Last Word

Having the last word can be intoxicating. How to do we resist the urge to focus on “winning” and instead fight to find common ground?

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Working With and Learning From Difficult People

When a co-worker is challenging, complex, or selfish it’s challenging. Rather than letting it frustrate us, we can celebrate learning from difficult people.

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Improvise Our Way to Common Ground

Would the world be a better place if we all used a little more, “Yes, and…”? Perhaps. Here’s how improv can lead us toward common ground.

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When Listening Isn’t Enough

The journey toward common ground is one of many, many steps. Listening carefully is important, but what happens when our biases and filters muck up the process? Here’s how to move forward when listening isn’t enough.

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Digital Literacy in An Era of Fake News

To delete or not to delete. Perhaps Facebook isn’t the only problem we’re facing. As media continues to grow and evolve we must all hone our digital literacy in an era of fake news.

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Keep it Fresh: Public Speaking Tips for The Presenter in a Rut

Getting bored with a presentation you’ve had to give many times? It’s important for you and your audience that you keep it fresh. These public speaking tips will get you out of that rut and help keep things interesting.

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