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Molly Page is a freelance writer and digital strategist. She considers herself lucky because she calls work things that feel more like play. After falling madly in love with her adopted hometown, Chicago, she wrote a book about it, 100 Things to Do in Chicago Before You Die. When she’s not hard at play, she can be found snapping pictures and adding to the list of foods she’s tried that would make you gag. Shrimp heads, anyone? Follow her adventures via Twitter or Instagram @mollypg.

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What Keeps Us From Finding Common Ground

Molly Page comes clean about her quest to be a “Common Grounder.” She shares how she’s considering adjusting expectations of herself and others to pave the way toward compromise.

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How to Prepare for a Common Ground Conversation

Finding common ground with people we know can be intimidating. Here’s how to prepare for a common ground conversation when a relationship is on the line.

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How Louis Armstrong Influenced Activate World

Launching a new project, like Activate World, can leave us feeling vulnerable or uncertain. Small moments of clarity can be all we need to push forward.

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The Power of 3 Simple Words

It’s been said that we don’t only learn from good examples. The United debacle can serve as lesson about the power of 3 simple words.

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How Writing Just Might Save My Life

I think social media is trying to kill me. And it’s working with an accomplice, the current state of the world. I suspect I’m not alone in this paranoid delusion. I know that I can’t be the only person whose feeds have slowly morphed from a land of vacation pictures, inspirational quotes, and sales pitches…

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The Magical Nudge: What Moves Us From Talking to Action

Several years ago I had an idea for a new business inspired by the idea that friendship is key to a person’s emotional health. I imagined “Lady Dates” would provide opportunities for women to connect, knowing that relationships are deepened through shared experiences. My team would orchestrate outings where clients could participate in a fun…

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Dealing with Missed Deadlines One Asana at a Time

I missed a deadline this week. Want to hear something even worse? This was the second deadline I’ve missed in thirty days. Thankfully the deadlines were for two separate projects and two separate clients, but sadly the mistakes were made by one single person — me. Recovering After Missed Deadlines Ever since the second missed deadline,…

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That Time I Was Forced to Unplug

I’ve never been all that good at unplugging. Last week, thanks to a faulty battery in my phone and some holiday traffic on Michigan Avenue, I was forced to spend a bit of time disconnected and without an electronic fix. This time though, the minor inconvenience turned out to be majorly beneficial. It was one…

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When Life Interrupts the Perfect Plan

When Jon suggested that our team consider “preparation” for our next theme, I did a little celebration dance. I like preparation and planning as much as Buddy the Elf likes smiling — they’re my favorite. I’d even go out on a limb and state that making a plan is just as exciting for me as…

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It’s Time to Unclutter: When Less is More

I have a confession to make. I need to unclutter. My desk is overflowing with paperwork that needs to be filed and sorted. I haven’t filed or sorted any of it because for the past two weeks I’ve been woefully behind on my daily to-do list and constantly playing catch up. I’m woefully behind because my…

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Recovering from a Vacation Hangover

Please forgive me if this post reads a little bit “rambly,” as I write it I’m coping with a wicked vacation hangover. Tell me I’m not the only one to experience this phenomenon. You scheduled your time away, unplugged as planned, and enjoyed your time off. Then when you’re set to dive back into work,…

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What to Do With Your Summer Vacation

Growing up, the words “summer vacation” always sparked a rush of excitement. Three months away from the classroom! I always looked forward to having time to sleep in, hang out with friends and, hopefully, have an adventure or two. My guess is, you felt the same way. It wasn’t that I hated school, it was…

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