Molly Page

Molly Page is a freelance writer and digital strategist. She considers herself lucky because she calls work things that feel more like play. After falling madly in love with her adopted hometown, Chicago, she wrote a book about it, 100 Things to Do in Chicago Before You Die. When she’s not hard at play, she can be found snapping pictures and adding to the list of foods she’s tried that would make you gag. Shrimp heads, anyone? Follow her adventures via Twitter or Instagram @mollypg.

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Impactful Leadership: Be a Mirror Not a Megaphone

We’ve all worked for good and bad leaders, but only a few of them have changed our careers. Here’s what truly impactful leadership looks like.

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Navigating Questionable Leadership: Advocate or Comply?

How do you navigate questionable leadership? What helps you decide when it’s time to comply or when it’s time to advocate for yourself?

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The Older I Get, The Less I Know

How Socrates and Mari Andrews reminded writer Molly Page that the older she gets and the more she learns, the less she truly knows.

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Redefining Success: Progress Not Perfection

When success is defined as perfectionism, it’s a recipe for failure. When we focus on progress not perfection, we set ourselves up to achieve better things.

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A Case Against Connection

Facebook has connected us in ways that even its creators couldn’t have imagined. But is all of this connection a good thing?

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Relying on Data: Why It’s Terrifying and Necessary

Using data to set goals is terrifying, but necessary. Debbie Forster of Tech Talent Charter explains how they’re using data to diversify the tech community.

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Considering Daylight Saving Time and Habits That Outlive Their Usefulness

While debunking the myths around daylight saving time, writer Molly Page considers other habits that outlive their usefulness.

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Digesting Criticism: How to Process Difficult Information

It’s never easy to accept criticism. But we all face it from time to time. Will we run away and ignore it, or learn from it and better ourselves?

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Seek the Counter Argument

Different perspectives are out there! We just have to be bold enough to seek the counter argument. Artistic expressions can be a great way to do that.

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Learning from Bad Leadership Advice

With so much advice out there, we’re bound to receive some bad leadership advice from time to time. How do we make the best of the situation?

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A Holiday Challenge: Focus and Be Present

Many of us don’t have the option to walk away from the office. The office follows us wherever we go. How can technology help us to be present on holiday?

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Activating My Privilege For Good

It’s only when we recognize our privilege that we’re in a position to activate it for good in the community. It’s time to use privilege to better the world.

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