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Are you fed up?
February 14, 2017

Are You Really Fed Up? Advice for Those Who Say They’ve Had Enough, but Maybe They Haven’t

I remember one day, talking to a former coworker who was also a friend, about…
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January 12, 2017

Sifting Through Personal Wins in a Very Odd Year

The news, social media and even friends and family are all in agreement, 2016 was…
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new year's resolutions
January 5, 2017

3 Alternatives for Those Who Don’t Set (or Keep) New Year’s Resolutions

Is setting New Year's Resolutions still on your to-do list? You’re not alone. Even though we’re…
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September 20, 2016

How to Flourish as an Ideapreneur

I don't have a problem falling asleep at night, never have. This truth goes directly…
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presidential views
August 4, 2016

Presidential Views: Leading

In America, it is election time. Leaders are raising their voices and ideas, and many…
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