About Jon

I am a farmer’s son.

Jon MertzThat means that I was raised to value hard work and the results of such dedication.

It also means that I recognize the power of connectedness and community. I understand that the small seeds planted today will grow into the harvest that sustains us in the future.

Why is a farmer’s son so interested in developing Millennial leaders?

I’ve long since left the farm and have had a career in government, large corporations, and entrepreneurial companies.

While in my 20s I worked for U.S. Senator Jim Abdnor and did a stint in the White House. Those experiences formed me as a leader and the choices I made back then have long stayed with me.

What really inspired me to speak to and for the Millennial generation, however, was my experience a few years back when I found myself hiring a team member fresh out of college.

Baby Boomers like me understand that there’s something unique about the Millennial generation. This group is known to bring a remarkable energy and confidence to the workplace. I was concerned about how I was going to keep my new hire engaged and make the most of her strengths.

The ideals that inspire me.

As I started researching how to be a better manager for this new team member I became fascinated by a group that I believe could be our next generation of great leaders. It’s clear that the Millennial leader has a great deal to offer our rapidly changing world. How can we develop the skills and insights of today’s twenty-somethings?

The answers lie in time-tested leadership fundamentals, cultivation of community, and the power of intergenerational conversations.

Thin Difference has grown to become what it is today – a forum dedicated to empowering Millennials to be better leaders, build stronger teams, and create richer lives – because I know we’ll all benefit from a mutual dedication to those ideals.

The work of the Millennial Guide-Champion.

I call myself the Millennial Guide because I see my role as a resource for what works when it comes to leadership and creating a work-life tempo. I believe I have something of value to offer the rising generation as it takes its place in society. In the process I hope to help my own peers understand all that Millennials have to offer.

I am the Millennial Champion because I am completely dedicated to seeing this generation succeed. By 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce – we’re all depending on you! In light of this, I am also the Millennial Challenger who will pose the big questions and push you to greater heights.

My professional experience includes work at large firms such as Deloitte, IBM, and BMC Software as well as entrepreneurial organizations such as VTEL and QuickArrow. Currently I’m Vice President of Marketing at Corepoint Health.  Learn more about my professional journey on my LinkedIn profile.

Jon Mertz

Can you trust me?

Time delivers the truth. I believe completely in being a trusted, transparent leader. The real proof will happen as we get to know each other in the Thin Difference community. Another proof point may be what TrustAcrossAmerica.com said. In 2014 and 2015, I was named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders for Trustworthy Business.

Their reason: “Having chosen to invest in building and strengthening the relationships across generations in the workplace and beyond, Jon is an advocate and thought leader in helping millennials discover their uniquely powerful expression as leaders so they can make the biggest possible contribution in the world.”

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