Future Generation of Leaders

Thin Difference challenges the present and builds towards the future. Too often, leaders create gaps by leaving problems unsolved, disparities extended, and progress held back. We have too much work to do to get trapped in the gaps.

In the world of transportation, to get from Point A on one side to Point B on the other side, we build bridges. Repeatedly in leadership, we dig a deeper gulf rather than shape connections and explore an effective passage forward.

Sharing Experiences

Sharing experiences and identifying a greater purpose are two key ways to close gaps. By doing so, we discover common ground ways to advance between:

  • generations
  • status quo and creativity
  • inspiration and aspiration
  • leading with mind and leading with heart

Within each area, we discover ways to convert thoughts into actions. Gaining progress takes thoughtful and tangible results.

Thin Difference: Closing Gaps

Some hear the words Thin Difference and get it. Others speculate about what it means. The name states a truth – sharing experiences and ideas openly uncovers a thin difference between what the problem is and how to solve it. We find more in common than we ever thought possible when we gather in civil conversations.

While we are unique, we come together for a common purpose.

Too many generational stereotypes exist, especially concerning (or about) Millennials. If gaps widen, a likely division may occur with Generation Z, too. The required shift: generations gathering to strengthen each other. History shows the value of sharing and helping each generation, and we must rise to this challenge.

Gaps dissipate when it comes to things that matter:

  • Creating strong relationships
  • Building successful organizations and thriving companies
  • Achieving purpose in life and work.

We’re Always Stronger Together.

Here, you’ll find an exploration of leadership fundamentals plus practical tips and the inspiration to develop your own leadership story.

This forum relies on an intergenerational, diverse conversation. Together we erase the labels. When we share experiences and expertise, we all realize our individual and collective potential.

We are better Leaders with a Common Grounder™ mindset.

Learn How to Become a Common Grounder.

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