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Future Generation of Leaders

Millennials are adaptable, confident, connected, and dedicated to making the world a better place. The strengths you bring to your workplace and your communities can transform our society in important, unprecedented ways.

What can you do to ensure that you fulfill your potential as an ideal-driven innovator?

Grow your leadership skills by learning from those who came before you. Enrich your organizations and relationships by bringing your unique talents to the table.

The Generation Gap is a myth.

A Leadership Gap may be a reality – but not if we start talking to one another.

There’s just a Thin Difference between the generations when it comes to things that matter:

  • Creating strong relationships
  • Building successful organizations and thriving companies
  • Achieving purpose in life and work.

If we perpetuate that generation gap myth, however, we risk creating a very real leadership gap.

We’re Always Stronger Together.

Thin Difference exists to empower and inspire Millennials to become more effective leaders, build better teams, and connect more deeply to life.  Here, you’ll find an exploration of leadership fundamentals plus practical tips and the inspiration to develop your own leadership story.

This forum relies on an intergenerational conversation. Together we erase the stereotypes. We eliminate the myth of the age gap and reduce the risk of creating a leadership gap. When we share experiences and expertise we all realize our individual and collective potential.

This site was developed by Baby Boomer, marketing executive, and Millennial Guide-Champion Jon Mertz. Jon and the Thin Difference community are sparking a movement that inspires Millennials to become the next great generation of leaders.

It’s Your Turn.

The rising generation’s greatness stems from the passion to participate and share information. You’re invited to be part of the Thin Difference conversation. Visit the blog and connect with the community on Twitter.

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