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Heidi Oran is a writer, and works in advertising and marketing. She has a passion for generational discussion, and has been writing about millennials since 2011. You can contact Heidi via email here or visit her site at HeidiOran.com.

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Inspiration Is for Amateurs

Inspiration is for amateurs. Without hard work, giving things up, and gaining focus, we spin in our aspiration with little progress.

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That Thing No Entrepreneur Says Out Loud

In her latest post, writer Heidi Oran is sharing the secret that you’ll rarely hear from an entrepreneur. Can you relate?

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On Living in a Life-Filled Setting

It can be difficult to live “wild and free.” Writer Heidi Oran challenges us, no matter our circumstances, to make our world a life-filled setting.

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Things I Want to Tell My Kids on Graduation Day

As Heidi Oran prepares for her sons to graduate, she’s compiled a list of “Things I Want to Tell My Kids on Graduation Day.” They’re lessons we can all use.

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The Long Road to a High School Diploma

Earning a high school diploma isn’t only important, society has deemed it almost necessary for survival. What happens to those who don’t graduate? Here’s one story.

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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring is often considered a season of renewal. Heidi Oran shares a few ways to check in and consider what’s working and what isn’t.

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Tips for Taking Action from Claire Mahon

Most mornings in my home go something like this: wake up too early to the sound of smartphone alarm clock, rub eyes and check social media feeds and email, crawl back under covers due to overwhelming feelings of despair and frustration, get out of bed and push away the helplessness to work/mom/live. The words HUMAN…

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The Bullet Journal: Is This Productivity Tool for You?

Regardless of how much I rely on the computer for many aspects of my life, at heart, I’m still a pen and paper person. I love notebooks and dividers. Pens and rulers. I didn’t learn until recently when I took up part-time university studies in psychology, why exactly this is. Over the past few years,…

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A 2017 Goal Planning Tool

Last month I shared a microscopic look at how I use preparedness to keep things running smoothly in my home. This included the entrepreneurial side of things, like making lists — my favorite planning activity. Today, with a new year looming around the corner, I want to talk big picture: Goal Planning. 2017 Goal Planning…

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5 Things To Plan Before Starting Each Week

“Before anything, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell Nothing excites me more than a fresh start. On a large scale, September and January are the months that refuel me: my projects, my life. I love to dive into goals, both big and small, and prepare a plan for the year. That…

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An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Is it Time to Invest or Sell?

While I consider myself a lifelong Ideapreneur, my true entrepreneurial adventures began about ten years ago, right around the time I became a mom. Along with my first foray into freelance writing, I started an online retail business selling organic baby items like mattresses and glass baby bottles. This isn’t so cutting edge today, but…

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How to Flourish as an Ideapreneur

To flourish as an Ideapreneur, embrace your natural enthusiasm and creativity; but it also might be necessary to redefine success.

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