Justin Kanoya

Justin Kanoya, who has a lifelong passion for music, began DJing in
1990 and is now a full-time DJ. He works events throughout the U.S.
ranging from yoga events, fitness gatherings, corporate meetings and
weddings. With hundreds of weddings and events worked over the past
decade, Justin has gigged all around San Diego New York, Los Angeles,
Orange County, San Francisco, Vancouver and Las Vegas. Before becoming
a full-time DJ, he worked as a marketing and public relations
professional for the Upper Deck Company and the Port of San Diego.

Justin grew up St. Louis, but has been a Southern California resident
(San Diego) since 1999; which he claims makes him a native at this
point. Follow Justin on Instagram @djkanoya.

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Justin Kanoya's Articles

Happy “Graduation”

While preparing for his ten year old’s third formal graduation ceremony, Justin Kanoya wonders if maybe we’re taking this whole graduation thing a bit too far.

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Practice Your Mistakes

The reality is, rarely anything is flawlessly executed. The trick to avoiding disaster is to practice mistakes ahead of time.

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When Patience Pays Off

  Ask a “successful” person for advice on how they achieved that success and one common answer will always be “you gotta have patience.” It’s often surprising to find out that someone’s success didn’t just happen during the past year or month and that the proverbial “overnight success” is not really a thing. Somewhere along…

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Drawing Your Own Circle of Gratitude

A vicious cycle is a series of events that continues to round themselves back to one another, making a bad situation worse, usually ending up with no resolve. I recently got caught up in a circle, but it wasn’t vicious at all. In fact, I’m calling it a circle of gratitude. It’s been proven there…

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