Justin Kanoya

Justin Kanoya, who has a lifelong passion for music, began DJing in 1990 and is now a full-time DJ. He works events throughout the U.S. ranging from yoga events, fitness gatherings, corporate meetings and weddings. With hundreds of weddings and events worked over the past decade, Justin has gigged all around San Diego New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Vancouver and Las Vegas. Before becoming a full-time DJ, he worked as a marketing and public relations professional for the Upper Deck Company and the Port of San Diego.

Justin grew up St. Louis, but has been a Southern California resident (San Diego) since 1999; which he claims makes him a native at this point. Follow Justin on Instagram @djkanoya.

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Justin Kanoya's Articles

The Keys to Memorable Leadership: Challenge, Empower and Reward

The keys to memorable leadership are clear to Justin Kanoya. When he thinks back on impactful experiences, the leaders used three key techniques to inspire.

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The Power of Five Minutes

The recent death of his mother has Justin Kanoya considering the power of five minutes. He challenges us to consider what we can accomplish in a brief time.

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From Blocked to Rocked: Choosing the Positive Perspective

We can make the best of a situation when we’ve been dealt the worst. Professionals can trust their skills and find the positive perspective.

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The Decision Making Struggle: The Upside of a Bad Choice

The decision making struggle can be fraught with tension. How do you proceed when you discover you’ve made the dreaded bad choice?

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The Key to Clearing Our Mental Workspace

Before starting any project, Justin Kanoya always clears his workspace. He makes a case for the importance of Clearing Our Mental Workspace too.

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One More Reason to Be Kind

Spreading kindness is typically encouraged because of the effects it has on the recipients. But what if we chose to be kind for a more selfish reason?

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Empathy: The Key to Bridging the Generation Gap

If nods of disapproval, eye rolls and facepalms are regular occurances in your workplace, you might need to work on increasing your empathy.

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Seeing is Believing: Representation as Inspiration

Justin Kanoya shares a story about a home improvement project that opened his eyes and the eyes of his 12-year old daughter. Representation matters.

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Our Emotional Ties to Clutter

As we begin a new year, many of us are looking to cleanse our living spaces. What should we do when we come up against an emotional tie to our clutter?

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Without a Rope: Thoughts on Taking Risks

Alex Honnold has made a career of taking risks without a rope. Who better to look to when we’re considering risks in our own professional lives?

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Navigation Lessons Across Generations

Sometimes lessons come from surprising places. These navigation lessons were learned watching different age groups follow directions to a specific location.

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Surround Yourself With Life

Rinny the dog didn’t live with the Kanoya family long, but she made a big impact. She taught Justin how important it is to surround yourself with life.

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