Justin Kanoya

Justin Kanoya, who has a lifelong passion for music, began DJing in 1990 and is now a full-time DJ. He works events throughout the U.S. ranging from yoga events, fitness gatherings, corporate meetings and weddings. With hundreds of weddings and events worked over the past decade, Justin has gigged all around San Diego New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Vancouver and Las Vegas. Before becoming a full-time DJ, he worked as a marketing and public relations professional for the Upper Deck Company and the Port of San Diego.

Justin grew up St. Louis, but has been a Southern California resident (San Diego) since 1999; which he claims makes him a native at this point. Follow Justin on Instagram @djkanoya.

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Justin Kanoya's Articles

Stop Looking for a Fun Place to Work

When we hear the advice, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” it can be misleading. It’s time to stop looking for a fun place to work and instead focus on finding a career that is rewarding, challenging, fulfilling and satisfying.

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In Business and Baseball: Adaptation is Key

In business and in baseball there is a constant need for adaptation. How a major league baseball manager adapts to lead a team to victory, can be emulated in various aspects of our personal and professional lives.

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Choosing Ease Over Easy: Living In the Flow of Life

Choosing ease over easy doesn’t mean life is without struggle. Sophia Da Silva Hopson describes it as a way of life that is balanced between exerting needed effort and enjoying the moments of effortlessness.

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Finding Joy: The Unexpected Pleasure of Tidying Up

Clutter — both the physical and mental kind — takes up mental space and weighs us down. What if spending time to clear the clutter and tidy up is the key to finding joy?

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A Mind Shift: Moving from “Have To” to “Get To”

Sometimes motivation is as simple (and complex) as a mind shift. What if we looked at our to-do lists as all the things we get to do instead of all the things we have to do?

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Earning a Good Citizenship Award

If there was an award given for good citizenship, what would it take to earn it? What are the characteristics that make a good citizen?

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One Way to Cherish Each Second of the Day

While looking for a tool to help him journal, he found a creative way to cherish each second of the day.

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Technology Induced Stress and Choice Overload

Feeling technology induced stress? What if it isn’t the increased presence of technology that’s causing it, but instead the choice overload you’re facing?

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Lessons from the Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, Americans stopped what they were doing, went outside, and looked at the sky. A natural occurrence helped us find some common ground.

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Making Non-Traditional Work Relationships Work

Regardless of your work environment, the work relationships you build will affect your work output. These tips will help you do the best work possible.

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Recognizing an Even Deeper Gratitude

When we say “thank you” are we recognizing the act that benefits us, or the sacrifices that made that act possible? It’s time for even deeper gratitude.

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Navigating Detours and Making the Best Of Them

When life’s twists inevitably lead to unplanned detours, it’s scary and unsettling. Navigating them carefully can yield unexpected surprises and victories.

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