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Founded in 1948, Robert Half (NYSE symbol: RHI) pioneered specialised recruitment services and today is the world’s leader in placing accounting, finance, banking and technology professionals on a temporary and permanent basis. Read more on their Work Life blog.

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8 Signs You Are Working Too Hard

Guest Post by Andrew Brushfield Can you remember the last time you had a holiday? What about the last full weekend you spent that didn’t involve you checking your phone or email account on a regular basis? The chances are high that you’re not alone. In this technologically-driven day and age, work and life have…

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Are You Respected in the Workplace?

Guest Post by Andrew Brushfield There is little doubt that your employees like you. You’re a nice person. They make small talk with you in the elevator, laugh at your jokes and often have a drink with you after work. But just because they like you, doesn’t mean they respect you. Most bosses want to…

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5 Characteristics That Most Successful People Possess

Guest Post by Andrew Brushfield Education, training, experience and continually updating your skills are all vital to success in the workplace and to your future employment trajectory. However, there are many less readily definable factors that influence success in the workplace. If you observe successful people in your own profession closely, you will notice they…

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Should You Hire A Maverick Employee?

Guest Post by Kevin Jarvis The workforce is full of many different types of employees. Some are leaders, some are followers; some tow the company line, while others like to challenge company policies and procedures. This last employee is known as a ‘maverick’. Dynamic, intelligent, progressive yet stubborn with a complete disregard for all forms…

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