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Sara Saddington is a writer and editor based in Toronto. You can find Sara curled up with a good book, working on her first novel, or continuing her quest to find the perfect pint of hoppy beer.

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We Are Not Robots: Self Care Tips for My Future Self (And Other Creative Humans)

With an uptick in symptoms of burnout, we’re all looking for ways to hold on to our energy, creativity and productivity. These self care tips will help.

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Defining Values: Creating Inclusive Spaces for All Generations

In order to create inclusive workspaces for all generations we must, as leaders, abandon lazy assumptions and recognize the importance of defining values.

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The Book Won’t Write Itself: The Need for Discipline

To outside observers, greatness might seem easy. The tendancy to believe the myth of natural talent totally discounts the importance of discipline.

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Letting Go Of Should

There is often a great distance between what is and what we think “should” be. Letting go of should and focused our attention elsewhere could be empowering.

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Active Listening: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Moving through the world, at work, home, or sharing public space with strangers, is all about communication. These active listening skills will help.

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The Emotional Vs. The Rational: Finding Professional Balance

Navigating the boundary between our emotion and rational selves can be tricky. Finding the right balance of the two will serve us professionally.

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Creating the Conditions to Apply Learning

When learning and applying something new at work we must give ourselves permission to fail. How do we create conditions that make that possible?

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Activating Relationships with Shared Vulnerability

For leaders who want to inspire and activate their teams: show your human side. Vulnerability can be our super power — sharing doubts takes a tremendous amount of courage and character and is part of what makes life so rich and interesting.

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Building a Culture of Accountability

We can all help move the needle to create a culture of accountability on our teams by consistently acting in accordance with our values.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me—Reframing Challenging Colleagues and Customers

Faced with challenging colleagues and customers? It’s helpful to look inward. When we figure out why we’re challenged, it’s easier to control our reactions.

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Unpacking the Pressures of Productivity

Reflecting on the pressures of productivity helps us avoid its consequences. This practical advice will keep you on track and avoid burn out.

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Must-Haves and Deal-Breakers: A Simple Exercise for Personal Clarity

Big decisions are tough. What do I want for my career? Where, and how, do I want to live? This simple exercise will help you find personal clarity and make your next big decision considerably less daunting.

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