Who Is a Common Grounder?

A Common Grounder leads by underscoring the greater purpose while collaborating to solve problems and resolve challenges in a way that energizes the best out of those contributing.

A Common Grounderâ„¢ knows which balls to let roll by and which ones to pick up and deal with. A Common Grounder knows the name of the game is to position each player in the best way possible for the best outcome possible. Woven through each, a Common Grounder know when to reach high and when to move forward incrementally.

A Common Grounder Philosophy

A Common Grounder uses a leadership philosophy to make a positive difference.

common grounderCommon Grounders:

  1. Interact with good character and integrity
  2. Collaborate with resolve to resolve stubborn problems
  3. Seek advice from diverse experiences and ages
  4. Concentrate diligently on the higher purpose of society, business, and teamwork
  5. Grow in a purposeful way as society, economics, and technology change
  6. Lead by creating a better path forward and achieving a better legacy
  7. Work toward a common good

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