3 Things Highly Successful People Master

Guest Post by Stephanie C.N.

Our culture has always been fascinated by highly successful people. We study their habits, lifestyle choices and strategies in order to best figure out ways to mimic and apply their methods of success. In fact, there are many books, blogs, articles and movies dedicated primarily to helping people achieve personal success in all parts of life.

Despite access to this information, strategies for success still seem to be an elusive concept for many people. We all have an area of our life in which we would like to achieve greater success, yet some of us still don’t know how or what we should be doing to move in the right direction.

Maybe you are one of those people who wonder what action you should be taking this very moment to help you work toward your goals. Often in the process of deciding what to do next people feel paralyzed by all their options and then do nothing because they feel overwhelmed. Does this process sound familiar?

Believe it or not the fastest way to achieve success in any area of your life is indeed by modeling those who are already successful in that same area. You must simply find an expert in your field, figure out the exact steps they took to achieve their success and then copy those steps. Successful people achieved their success by modeling those before them. That’s it. It seems basic but not many people do this very well.

To begin on a path toward success in any area of your life start becoming aware of the core components of your physiology. Highly successful people are constantly pursuing a physiology of excellence, which gives them an advantage in all parts of life. Model their behavior and work to improve your own physiology every day. This means being in control of the following three things:

1. Your Beliefs/Thoughts – Most highly successful people are always working to master their thinking and beliefs. Their internal self talk and language is usually very different from those who are not as successful. Successful people understand that their thinking and words affects their outcomes in life.

2. Your Emotions – Most highly successful people are in control of their emotional state regardless of external circumstances. Great leaders must be good at this because they are the person everyone else turns to in challenging situations. Being in control of your state also means you work well under stress and seek to be in positive states more often than in negative states.

3. Your Actions – Most highly successful people take action first and then adjust things along the way. In order to get immediate feedback they take some sort of action and figure out what they need to changes afterward. Also, most successful people look for critical feedback more often than positive feedback because they believe it can help them improve more quickly. In other words, they don’t let mistakes, failures or hurdles stop them, they simply learn from them and move forward.

Try these three tips below to help shift your focus toward a physiology of excellence:

Feel good! – Practice feeling great 100% of the time. Feeling good in your body, mind, and spirit allows you to move through your days with joy and ease. Remember you are in control of your emotions, so focus on those that feel good. Doing things that feel good allows you to notice the synchronicity of the universe and helps you seize great opportunities as they come along.

Create deliberately! Have deliberate focus in your actions. Know where you are going and where you want to be. Take action, even if it is small, and get immediate feedback to help you get better. Remember time is your most precious resource so focus, be productive and create with intention.

Master your words! If you don’t want it don’t say it! Your language creates your thoughts which then creates your feelings and actions. Your words are paramount in determining your outcomes. Watch what you say and what you think because it will become your destiny.

With a physiology of excellence anything is possible. Practice these tips and you will continuously improve and master any area of your life. Remember that if something is humanly possible then it is within your reach, especially if others have already done it before you.

Here is to your ultimate success!

Guest Post

Stephanie C.N. is a life coach with a background in hypnotherapy and NLP. She blogs about wellness and self improvement here and runs an online membership program called Align With Wellness. You can read more about her and contact her.