Whether you’re a Millennial, Gen X-er, or Baby Boomer, there is something in the human spirit that connects us together: We all have dreams.

Our dreams look different, yes, but there are many parallels between our experiences. The highs and lows – the roadblocks and the wins. All leading us to the core of what we really want out of life: joy, purpose, and meaning.

Looking back at my own life, the early days of dream-chasing began in 2007 when I was twenty-three and a new mum. Since then, every single move I’ve made has contributed to who I am today – both good and bad. My writing gigs, friendships, business experiences, all intertwined with real life unfolding, have been puzzle pieces adding to the whole; all teaching me valuable lessons about life and leadership.

Without those experiences I wouldn’t know as much about myself. I wouldn’t know that I like the thrill of new projects but need collaboration to thrive – and also, not collaboration to thrive – it’s a fine line. I wouldn’t know that there are certain relationships that will just never work, and I need to let them go. I wouldn’t be able to trust myself and my instinct as much as I do. And I wouldn’t understand that only perspective can help you to learn these things about yourself – and that requires time to pass and patience to be fostered.

However, sometimes moving toward our dreams feels impossible. The journey seems long and arduous. The setbacks too great. I’ve been there, and I understand the feeling of hopelessness. But there is something of a pattern on this road toward dream-chasing that I’ve recognized, and today I want to share it with you.

Imagine your journey as a cycle of four seasons.


The very early stages of your journey – the soul seeds are sparked.

During the fall you’re feeling the shift – you’re seeking something new and comforting. Something that feels close to your heart and warms you. This is when the exploration starts and you begin to dabble in what it is exactly that you dream of. What would fill you up.


The winter of your dreams can feel long, and cold. It can feel pointless and confusing. But what you’re doing during this period of time is laying the ground work for the future. You’re pulling out your seeds to plant in the spring and going the legwork. In may feel like you’re stuck in the waiting place, but this season too will pass.


Just as spring brings the early stages of growth and rejuvenation – as does the spring of your own journey. This is when you plant the seeds. This is where you make the contacts. You actively seek out the dream and involve yourself in it. You nurture the dream as it begins to take life.


By the summer, you’ve taken such good care of your dream, it can grow and thrive. There will be setbacks, sure, but the roots are strong.
As I mentioned above, our journey’s will all look different. But with dedication, perseverance, and patience, we’ll get there.

What season are you in? How can you foster the next step of your journey?