Megan Dougherty’s Dad always told her to, “Stay true, stay strong, and keep going no matter what.” She’s hoping that mantra will inspire her as she makes her next big transition.

After working for Luck Companies as an Executive Coordinator for the past two years, she’s decided to take a leap of faith. She’s leaving a stable and rewarding position to pursue a graduate degree. It’s a decision many young professionals are facing. Is it better to settle for a great job that isn’t the job, or step out on a limb to position yourself for your dream career?

Megan DoughertyWith the support of her colleagues at Luck, Megan decided to step out on a limb. She explains, “At Luck, they took that whole relationship making thing to the next level.” The leadership was supportive of her decision to go back to school. Dougherty adds, “The CEO was helping me make connections in the community. He went out of his way to introduce me to people.” Bolstered by that support, she is confident that she’s made the right decision.

“When I ask people what do they wish they’d done differently, they always say, ‘I wish that I’d taken my time in my 20s and early 30s to think about exactly what I wanted.’ You hear it enough times, and you’re like, wow, maybe there’s something to that.” Dougherty explains.

That’s exactly what she hopes this year will be about. She’s been accepted into a one-year fast-track executive program where she will pursue a Masters of Science in strategic public relations. And she isn’t opposed to working while she’s in school. In fact, she’s actively pursuing opportunities. She clarifies, “If I do work, I want it to be the right opportunity for my future. If I want to work in a formal communications capacity, I need to be working in that kind of role now.” Her goal during this time is to have school and work integrated.

Millennial LeadersShe admits stepping away from safe, steady employment is a bit out of character. “I’ve always been a steady Eddie in what I’ve wanted to do with my life. The craziest moment for me amongst all of this is rolling the dice and taking a chance,” she confesses. But she’s keeping in mind that her life is a journey and one that she’s still just beginning. Megan is aware that there will be bumps in the roads but sees them as necessary steps toward achieving her goals.

She’s ready and willing to trade security for opportunity.

The excitement in her voice, as she looks forward, is contagious. She hasn’t made this decision lightly, but she is certain it is the right one for her. It’s inspiring to hear her fully aware of and embracing the challenges ahead. “The fact that I have this opportunity to do this is crazy, exciting, horrifying, so much fun and it’s going to be so much work. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m so glad I have the conviction to move forward.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Megan as the newest member of our Thin Difference team. We look forward to hearing more from her as she shares her insights, talent, and enthusiasm with the community.