HR departments face a major problem when it comes to Millennials that work in their organization. Most of them don’t stick around for very long. In a 2014 study conducted by Bayt, 46% of Millennials said that they saw themselves working in their current job for the next two years or less.

Is there anything HR can do to stop the attrition of Millennial employees? Or should we resign to the facts and keep churning through employees like a set of used tires?

The good news is that there are a few simple things businesses can do to improve retention of Millennial employees. Many of which are ideas and initiatives human resources can impact directly.

Human Resources: The New Culture Creators for Millennials

Millennials perform best in a workplace with a rich and inclusive culture.

Workplace culture is an important factor in keeping millennials engaged and excited about their work. Millennials perform best in a workplace with a rich and inclusive culture. Because of the where they sit within the organization, HR departments can play a critical role in helping create the type of culture that brings out the best of Millennials in their workforce.

Here are a few specific ways human resources can influence the culture within an organization to meet the needs and expectations of Millennial employees:

  • Provide opportunities for Millennials to connect with business leaders and senior management. If there’s one thing Millennials crave in the workplace, it’s intentional mentoring. As an HR department, you have the unique opportunity to create this kind of culture within your organization by developing programs and systems that support it.
  • Educate bosses on the best way to provide feedback & criticism. When employees are faced with a decision-making difficulty, they’re often seeking an outside perspective to validate their thinking. Helping leaders and managers by teaching them how to provide criticism and feedback to Millennials will go a long way in making both parties more successful in the long run.
  • Create opportunities to feel like they’re being heard. Whether it’s a formal 360 performance review process or an informal lunch for employees to share their challenges and ideas, allowing Millennials to feel like their voices are being heard is a great way to earn their trust and respect. I know what you’re thinking… “Who cares what they think? They should just get over it.” While you might be right, you’ll probably keep repeating yourself as Millennials continue to leave your company for other opportunities.

A lot has been written about how Millennials are shaping the workplace. HR is not exempt. The traditional and transactional role HR has played is on the verge of extinction as employees are looking for the companies they work for to be more proactive in their professional development. A modern-day approach to human resources requires creating a culture where Millennials feel like they have a voice and are being invested in by the people above them.

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Is there anything your human resources department can do to stop the attrition of Millennial employees? Using these tactics to create a workplace with a rich and inclusive culture is an important place to start.