Guest Post by Jade Anderson

Do you wake up happy to go to work every day? Do you feel fulfilled by the work you do and confident that you’re making a difference in your industry? If you love what you do and are in the right career, then the answer to these questions would be a resounding yes. However, if you don’t hesitate to say no to these questions, then there is the chance that you may be doing the wrong thing.

Is It Time for a Career Change?

We all want a job that we do because we love it, and not because of the paycheck. You want to work somewhere where passion is the driving force getting you out of bed every morning. If you’ve been feeling down about your job, it might be time for a career change. Here are some signs to look out for.

You’re Chronically Tired

fatigueWe all have days when we wake up, and the last thing we feel like doing is getting out of bed and going to work. However, if you’re feeling that way every morning, even after a good night’s sleep, it’s a sign that something in your life isn’t quite right. If you’re unhappy at work, this will be reflected in how you feel physically, and you’re likely to come home feeling completely depleted of energy despite sitting down all day. If you are chronically exhausted or regularly getting sick, consider whether it could be to do with your job. We spend the majority of our days at work, and if it’s a place that makes you unhappy, then it can be hard for your body to escape that stress. Let your body tell you what you might not be able to accept yet – you need a career change!

You Can’t Stay Focused

If you are struggling to get through basic tasks at work and maintain your focus, it could be a sign that your job isn’t for you. When you are passionate about something, it doesn’t feel like an effort to stay on task. A sign you’re in the wrong job might be that you keep finding yourself staring at your screen wondering what you’re meant to be doing or getting lost in your thoughts when trying to complete your work. To succeed in any industry, you need to be motivated, focused and productive at work and if your job isn’t making you be those things, then there is a problem.

Your Confidence Has Dropped

If your job is making you feel negative about yourself, it is not the right place for you to be.

Another sign you are in the wrong place is if your job has seriously undermined your confidence levels and you have started to question your own talents, skills and capabilities. When your workplace has a negative environment or you don’t feel supported by your seniors and your colleagues, then your mood and self-esteem are going to be affected. While it is normal to feel unsure of yourself while completing some tasks in the workplace, if you regularly question why you were hired or feel that you are not good enough, it could be a sign that you need a change of environment. If your job is making you feel negative about yourself, it is not the right place for you to be.

Your Performance Is Affected

An indication that there might be something wrong with your current job could be reflected in your performance. If your performance at work has slumped or significantly dropped, it could be because it isn’t the best job for you to be working in. It is hard to do your best work if you have no motivation or passion for the job. The longer you work in a position that makes you unhappy, the more it is going to show in your performance.

You Don’t Enjoy Your Time Off

Do you spend all working week pining for the weekend and then when it comes you spend the whole time stressing about work on Monday? If this sounds like you, then it might be time for a career change. If you dislike your job so much that it is preventing you from enjoying your downtime, then you need to consider looking for something else. There is no way you can achieve a work-life balance if your time off is spent worrying about work.

It’s Time. Now What?

If you can relate to any of these feelings, then it’s probably time you thought about changing your career. It is easy to become comfortable in a job, but you don’t want to spend most of your waking hours unhappy and unfulfilled. The first step is being able to recognize that you are not in the right place and often this can be the hardest part. Once you’ve decided that your job isn’t for you, consider making a list of what types of career might be more suited to your aspirations. Think about your ideal situation – would you want to work outdoors, as part of a team, be your own boss, or learn a new skill? Identifying what you want to do is part of the solution. What are you passionate about and what are you good at it?

Looking for jobs can help to spark your inspiration and give you a better of what different positions involve. This can be as easy and going online and simply scrolling through a job search site. Once you’ve figured out what type of industry you might want to work in, you can begin the process of honing your resumes and applying for jobs. Just remember, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be at a job you love!

Guest Post

Jade Anderson is an experienced In-house Editor at Upskilled. With a background in online marketing, Jade has always had a love for the written word. She enjoys being able to combine these skills with her passion for the education industry.

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Is there a chance that you've gone down the wrong career path? These are a few sure signs that it's time for a career change.