Thin Difference gathers a community to raise the standard of leadership. For over five years, we worked to end Millennial stereotypes and encourage generations to come together. We believe sharing experiences between generations strengthens all generations.

We also offer insights and experiences on solving problems rather than kicking issues down the road, leaving them unsolved. To close gaps in our organizational cultures and communities, we believe solving problems through collaborative efforts embraces our sense of greater purpose in our actions and results.

common grounderWe embark on a mission to create Common Grounder leaders and engage a leadership philosophy that heightens our responsibility to leave the places we work and live better than before. We pursue common ground ways to advance between:

  • generations
  • status quo and creativity
  • inspiration and aspiration
  • leading with mind and leading with heart

We welcome your ideas on how to partner together to advance the Common Ground Philosophy. Financial and content support will accelerate our growth. Thin Difference is recognized as a top 20 leadership site through our social and web presence. We can take it further with your help.

Thank you!