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Eric Torrence was born in the early 80s and grew up during the time of Apple 2Es, Oregon Trail, Saved by the Bell, and the birth of the Internet. Eric is a Millennial who loves discussing culture, leadership, faith, and life’s biggest questions. He currently serves as an associate pastor over small groups at Chase Oaks Church. Prior to going into ministry, he worked for a public policy research institution and a political consultant. He earned his undergraduate in Communications at UCLA and a Masters in Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Eric is married to his wonderful wife Amy and has two sons: Benjamin and Owen. He currently lives in Dallas Texas.

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Maintaining Patience in an Impatient World

Some great things – maybe most great things – don’t happen quickly. How do we know when to have patience, and when to be proactive and make a change?

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Making the Jump: 6 Critical Components to Taking a Big Leap

Taking a big leap isn’t as daunting when 6 critical components are present. We’ve only got one life to live and time is precious, so let’s make it count.

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The Long Game: Leadership Lessons from John McCain

Inspired by the life of Senator John McCain, Eric Torrence shares some lessons he’s learned about focusing on the long game.

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The Rare Skill of Disarming

When you find yourself in an explosive situation involving potentially destructive conversations with difficult people the smart move is to be disarming.

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Out of Place: The Necessity of Trying New Things

Trying new things can be unsettling. But as Eric Torrence explains, it’s necessary to broaden our minds and make us welcoming and empathetic people.

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Are You Nice to Work With?

Eric Torrence believes somewhere along the line, being nice got a bad rap. He thinks it’s time to change that. Are you nice to work with? Here are a few ways to ensure that others think you are.

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Open-Handed Leadership: The Intersection of Humility, Adaptability, Longevity and Influence

What if leadership isn’t just about having the best ideas? The idea of open-handed leadership means leaders must value more than just expertise.

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Small Details for Big Picture People

Digging into the minutia can be a struggle for folks prone to big visions. But there’s hope. Eric Torrence shares a great way to stomach the small details for big picture people.

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Reducing Tension: The Power of “Help Me Understand”

Things are tense. It shouldn’t surprise us. In a pluralistic society, there will be pressure points. However, starting with “Help me understand” is sure to be a tension-reducer.

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Why It Matters That Your Best Ideas Come in the Shower

Have you found that your best ideas come in the shower? Here’s why it matters and why in an overstuffed world, space and daydreaming are important.

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How to Know if You Are a Know-It-All

Nobody is an expert on everything. So why is our culture overridden with know-it-alls? Here’s how to know if you are one and how to change it if you are.

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The Best Apologies

With apologies dominating the headlines, we’re getting plenty of examples of bad ones. The best apologies have these things in common.

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