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Eric Torrence was born in the early 80s and grew up during the time of Apple 2Es, Oregon Trail, Saved by the Bell, and the birth of the Internet. Eric is a Millennial who loves discussing culture, leadership, faith, and life’s biggest questions. He currently serves as an associate pastor over small groups at Chase Oaks Church. Prior to going into ministry, he worked for a public policy research institution and a political consultant. He earned his undergraduate in Communications at UCLA and a Masters in Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Eric is married to his wonderful wife Amy and has two sons: Benjamin and Owen. He currently lives in Dallas Texas.

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The Byproducts of Change

Change is inevitable, but navigating it can be tricky. The upside is that the byproducts can be inspiring and push us to growth and improvement.

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Pushing Through the Breaking Point

When we feel like we’re “in the middle,” pushing through can be difficult. Eric Torrence suggests two things we can do to get to that sweet spot.

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Helping Others Flourish: The Power of Posture

There are some leaders who have the ability to help others flourish. It’s a posture that makes them adept at cultivating respect, cooperation and influence.

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The Compliance Trap: The Snare of Short-Term Results

As leaders we yearn to inspire enthusiasm, empowerment, and excitement in our teams. Occasionally we fall into the Compliance Trap. Here’s how to avoid it.

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When Seasons Change: Coming to Grips with Reality

Have you realized that life changed and you haven’t embraced it? Coming to grips with reality can be a challenge, but it part of progress.

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The Summer Struggle: Strategies for a Slow-Cooker Season

If you’re like Eric Torrence and you suffer from the summer struggle, here are a few suggestions to get you through what he calls the slow-cooker season.

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The Necessity and Challenge of Non-Downloadable Experiences

Our phones have forever changed the way we interact with the world. As we struggle to balance digital and analog experiences, Crafting Purposeful Gatherings is vitally important.

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Finding and Refining Your Voice

Eric Torrence considers this the most expressive era ever. With all the ways available to express yourself, now is the time to focus on refining your voice.

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Why It’s Hard to Find a Mentor

While most like the idea of having a mentor, very few people actually have one. Why is it so hard to find a mentor? It doesn’t need to be a scary endeavor.

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The People-Pleasing Predicament

Ever found yourself in a people-pleasing prediament? It can be a painful and paralyzing way to live. These alternatives can help.

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How To Be Helpful

If you’re looking for ways to make your workplace (or the world) better, here’s some advice. Eric Torrence shares ideas about how to be helpful.

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Six Story-Sharing Questions for this Holiday Season

How well do we really know each other – our past struggles, fears, hopes and dreams? These six story-sharing questions will spark meaningful conversations and help us connect to friends and family more deeply.

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