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Heidi Oran is a writer, and works in advertising and marketing. She has a passion for generational discussion, and has been writing about millennials since 2011. You can contact Heidi via email here or visit her site at HeidiOran.com.

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What Makes A Truly Great Leader (to Millennials)?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a keen interest in the hows and whys of human behavior. How did Jimmy ace that math test when he didn’t study? Why didn’t Jenny try out for that role she was so excited about? These were the thoughts that would run through my head in…

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The Marriage of Meaning and Happiness

“It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness.” Viktor Frankl We want to be happy, find our purpose, and live a life of meaning. We want to change the world. If Millennials had a slogan, I’m certain this would be it. Happiness, purpose and meaning are¬†top priority¬†for our generation. I am no exception….

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