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Heidi Oran is a writer, and works in advertising and marketing. She has a passion for generational discussion, and has been writing about millennials since 2011. You can contact Heidi via email here or visit her site at HeidiOran.com.

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Are Curators the New Experts?

I’m sure there are many Millennials who proudly wear the badge of expert in their chosen profession, but I personally don’t know one. In all honesty, my peers cringe at the thought of being referred to as an expert, even when they are technically qualified. Even with their degrees, work experience, and hours spent unknowingly…

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Resistance and Leadership

I was listening to a CBC Radio program recently, and the topic was focused on the Uber wars — or the taxi industry versus Uber (and others like it.) For those who haven’t heard about this, Uber is basically putting the taxi industry out of business in many areas. I went into listening with no…

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Avoiding Complacency, Embracing Leadership

I don’t know about you, but every morning when I scan the trends on Facebook and read snippets of news, or click on a trending hashtag on Twitter, I feel overwhelmed. The recent act of terrorism in Charleston, South Carolina, has been yet another reminder that we have much work to do. We have barriers…

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The Seasons of Our Dreams

Whether you’re a Millennial, Gen X-er, or Baby Boomer, there is something in the human spirit that connects us together: We all have dreams. Our dreams look different, yes, but there are many parallels between our experiences. The highs and lows – the roadblocks and the wins. All leading us to the core of what we…

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Self-Awareness and Leadership: 4 Things to Consider

It has become quite fashionable over recent years to find quizzes and self-assessments on a number of things; something that stands out to me are those based around personality. For example: 10 Things Only Introverts Will Understand, 25 Frustrating Things About Being an Extrovert, or What’s Your Personality Type? I would venture to guess many…

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5 Things I’d Tell My 20-Something Self, 10 Years Later

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can’t believe how much I’ve changed since turning thirty nearly two years ago. It probably sounds absurd; how much can one really change that quickly? But I swear it, I’ve somehow managed to figure out the many problems I struggled with over and over for…

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Finding Meaning in Bridge Jobs

We’ve all been there – whether your’re a newly minted college grad, a seasoned professional with an expired contract, or a parent returning to work after a few years off – we’ve all worked jobs that aren’t our dream job. We take them for many reasons: for experience, for resume building, because we’re not quite…

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5 Tips for Building Creative Communities

It’s no secret that Millennials are a creative bunch. In fact, we’ve been dubbed the most creative generation in history on more than one occasion. I see it clearly myself. Practically every Millennial I know is carving their own path. They’re making lemonade out of lemons. They’re diversifying themselves. They’re playing up their strengths and…

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Necessary Changes: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Change

Of the many fears that consume us as a species, the fear of change may be atop the list. It begins when we’re youngsters: imagine the tearful goodbye as a parent leaves their child on the first day of day care or preschool. Normally there is an adjustment period there for both parent and child,…

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The Trouble with Distractions

Have you spent much time alone in your life? Have you ever lived by yourself? Have you traveled without company? I grew up in a busy home with two siblings and a revolving door welcoming family and friends any time – the house was never quiet! When I moved away from my parents home at…

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The Curse of the Multi-Passionate Millennial

‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.’ – Einstein A few weeks ago I was sorting through some old boxes in my parents basement when I stumbled on an Art Journal from a media class I took in Eleventh grade (circa 2000.) One of the exercises was a run-of-the-mill 20 Questions type…

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Learning How to Handle Failure

When I was in my twenties I experienced what I’ve heard numerous twenty-somethings lament over: The pressure to accomplish! A quick Google search of 20-Something Lists will provide you with an unlimited array of “25 Things You MUST DO Before 30,” or “50 Books You Must Read by 25,” or “30 Countries You Must Visit…

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