Jeremy Chandler

Jeremy Chandler is a 20-something who loves coming alongside other Millennials to navigate through the topics of leadership, career development, and personal growth. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and jumps at any opportunity to connect over coffee.

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How to Make Every Interaction More Meaningful and Memorable

How can we ensure the dozens of conversations we have each day are impactful? Employ these tips to make every interaction more meaningful and memorable.

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4 Ways to Make Your Work More Meaningful and Memorable to Those Around You

How do you want people you work with to remember you? Here are 4 ways to make your work more meaningful to those around you.

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Small Steps to Move Off the Mental Treadmill of Overthinking

We’re all susceptible to the mental treadmill of overthinking. And while doing the hard work of self-discovery is valuable, we weren’t meant to live in it 24 hours a day.

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The Subtle Lie About Our 30s Some People Believe

Did you believe (or are you believing) the subtle lie about our 30s that many believe? Jeremy Chandler recognized the lie, and he’s working to debunk it.

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Don’t Waste Your Summer (Or Any Other Season)

We put lots of expectations on summer. We want to rest, enjoy life and have adventures. Those things won’t happen on their own, they require intentionality.

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Is it Time to Reset the Rhythm of Your Life?

After monumental changes or during chaotic seasons, how do you Reset the rhythm of your life? Jeremy Chandler has a few suggestions.

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3 Shared Flaws that Prevent Generations from Building Connection

Why aren’t we doing a better job of building relationships between generations? Perhaps it is our shared flaws that are keeping us apart.

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The Biggest Threat to Creating Common Ground Between Generations

There are many differences between generations. The biggest threat to creating Common Ground between generations is very fixable though.

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3 Principles to Help Us Get Outside Our Echo Chambers

Many of us live in a world where certain ideas are amplified or beliefs are reinforced by everyone around us. How can we escape our echo chambers?

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The Paradoxical Antidote for Getting Out of Survival Mode

When we get into “survival mode,” everyone around us is affected. This paradoxical antidote will help us and our community if we dare to try it.

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Asking Great Questions to Gain Insight and Wisdom

When it comes to gaining wisdom or insight — asking great questions is essential. Here are a few to get you started on your quest for knowledge.

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The (Somewhat) Encouraging Lesson I Recently Learned from 3 Wise Men

The opportunity to learn from those who are older and wiser is a gift. Jeremy Chandler learned an encouraging lesson when he sat down and listened.

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