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when change fails
March 16, 2017

When You Want to Give Up: Responding to Frustrations While Leading Change

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Has it ever…
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February 11, 2017

Bacon, Tom Brokaw and Me: This is How We Change the World

Do you remember the world before social media? As an older Millennial, I remember it…
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Important Hats for Leaders to Wear
January 14, 2017

The 5 Most Important Hats You Can Wear as a Leader This Year

It's funny how something as little as one number can massively change how we feel…
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when preparation is something else
December 15, 2016

This is About That: Deconstructing Your Approach to Preparation

“Your past isn’t your past if it’s still affecting your present.” -Pete Wilson, best-selling author…
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laws of preparation
November 10, 2016

Undervalued: Why Preparation is Your Next Best Investment

Can you remember watching your dad shave when you were a little boy? Or watching…
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Leadership Lessons Via a New Antenna
September 13, 2016

Receiving Leadership Lessons Via a New Antenna

Have you joined the revolution? The New York Times reports that while "cable is the…
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July 14, 2016

Leaving Well: 9 Steps to Shape Your Legacy

"I quit!" Millennials are changing the way Americans think about work. A recent Gallup study…
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