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Scott Savage is a writer and a pastor. He lives with his wife and 3 “little Savages” in Prescott, Arizona. You can read his Hope Manifesto at

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How to Finish Strong: The Secret You Already Know

Looking back on past success can provide clues to understand how to tackle our current goals. Self-awareness is the key to help you finish strong.

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I Hate Eggshells: Why We Avoid Tough Conversations and What We Risk in the Process

Writer Scott Savages takes a look at why we avoid tough conversations and how leaders can stop avoiding and start talking.

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Leadership is Love: Loving and Leading A Diverse Team

When a team spans several generations and has different perspectives, leadership is hard. Here are tips for loving and leading a diverse team.

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Don’t Waste a Crisis: How the Worst Thing Ever Brought Us Together

Crisis in an organization, family or community can destroy relationships. It can also bring people together. Here’s how to go from crisis to common ground.

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From Frustration to Friend: How Building Common Ground Made Us Better

Is it really possible for two people to go from constantly frustrating each other to becoming friends? That’s the power of building common ground.

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Is Anyone Listening? Lessons from the Best Graduation Speeches

Have you been tapped to give an important speech? Scott Savage shares tips from the best graduation speeches to make your preparation a little easier.

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What Would You Tell 18-Year-Old You?

If you could sit in a room with a younger you, what would you tell 18-year-old you? Inspired by Dale Partridge, Scott Savage considers the question.

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When You Want to Give Up: Responding to Frustrations While Leading Change

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Has it ever been more difficult to be patience? Today, patience can seem as optional and unnecessary as ordering a DVD from Netflix when it’s available for instant streaming. The explosion of technology like Amazon Instant, Spotify and UberEats has removed barriers which formerly…

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Bacon, Tom Brokaw and Me: This is How We Change the World

Do you remember the world before social media? As an older Millennial, I remember it very vividly. If you missed a commercial during the Super Bowl, you couldn’t go to YouTube to watch it again. If your friend got engaged, you had to wait until you saw them to check out their ring and hear…

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The 5 Most Important Hats You Can Wear as a Leader This Year

It’s funny how something as little as one number can massively change how we feel about our lives. The move from one year to the next creates anticipation, expectation, dread, and even anxiety. During the first few days (or even weeks) of a new year, we wrestle with our desire for change and the sense…

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This is About That: Deconstructing Your Approach to Preparation

  “Your past isn’t your past if it’s still affecting your present.” -Pete Wilson, best-selling author My wife and I read very different books. I’m into non-fiction books of the leadership, business, self-help and spirituality variety. She reads science-fiction fantasy sagas. While we were dating, I tried to get her to read books I enjoyed…

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Undervalued: Why Preparation is Your Next Best Investment

Can you remember watching your dad shave when you were a little boy? Or watching your mom put her makeup on in the morning? I wanted to be like my dad, and I think I even had a little toy razor so I could imitate him. Admiring and even envying the achievements of others is…

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