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Scott Savage helps wounded and cynical people find freedom and forgive those who hurt them. His newest resource, It’s Not What You Think, will help you identify the 11 lies you’ve been told about forgiveness.

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Stepping Away, Leaping Forward: Why Our Best Leadership Lies on the Other Side of Vacation

Stepping away is a chance to consider a different perspective and make important changes. Sometimes our best leadership lies on the other side of vacation.

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Is It Possible to Win at Work and Succeed at Life at the Same Time?

While it is possible to win at work and succeed at life at the same time, many of us sabotage ourselves and burn out instead.

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The Modern Empathy Dilemma: Does Everyone Deserve It?

Research suggests a major empathy problem is brewing. Even if empathy is a buzzword losing meaning through overuse, empathy as a practice cannot be lost.

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How Listening Can Narrow the Gaps Dividing Our Teams

When we listen, examine and understand fears and motivations across generations, we can begin to narrow the generational gaps dividing our teams.

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The Time When We Need Leaders

The time when we need leaders is when the challenges rise up and everyone looks at someone to lead with purpose and forward.

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Solve or Manage? Facing 3 Self-Leadership Tensions

It’s tempting to treat every challenge as a problem to be solved. But some Self-Leadership Tensions are better managed than resolved.

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Humiliation Over Honor: The Long Term Impact Of Our Cultural Losses

Scott Savage believes we live at a time where honor is a foreign concept. He suggests that it takes less work to tear something down than to build it up.

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I Quit Going to Conferences Until One Changed My Life

Scott Savage decided to quit conferences, but for STORY, he’s making an exception. Here’s what changed his mind.

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Why I Stopped Attending Conferences

Attendees often complain that leadership conferences leave them feeling as if they are drinking from a fire hose. If conferences aren’t cutting it, what is the answer?

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You’re Ridiculously in Charge (Whether You Want to Be or Not)

When Scott Savage found himself “Ridiculously in Charge,” he was surprised to discover unexpected inspiration when the way he was working wasn’t working.

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Learning from Lincoln: How Our Greatest President Invited Difficult People to the Table

Some of the people we consider most “difficult” are those who see the world differently than us. Learning from Lincoln and his team of rivals could help.

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5 Difficult People You Meet at Work (and How to Respond with Wisdom)

We all have to work with difficult people – sometimes we may even be them! But how do we respond with wisdom to people at work that challenge us?

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