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Scott Savage helps wounded and cynical people find freedom and forgive those who hurt them. His newest resource, It’s Not What You Think, will help you identify the 11 lies you’ve been told about forgiveness.

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Cultivating a Consistent Narrative: How to Avoid One Story at the Top and Another at the Bottom

Cultivating a consistent narrative is a leadership challenge. How do we ensure that the story told from the top is what is experienced at the bottom?

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Why Great Leadership Matters More than a Rock-Star HR Department

Having an effective HR team can convince a leader that their most important work – creating an environment where people can thrive – is someone else’s responsibility. Ultimately though, great leadership matters. Cultivating these four leadership habits will ensure a team thrives.

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The Secret Ingredient to Adaptability

Scott Savage uncovered the secret ingredient to adaptability in his research into forgiveness. As leaders, when we are able to move past others’ mistakes we enable a culture that values improvement and innovation.

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The Hardest Transition We’ll Make: From Self-Leadership to Leading Others

Leading others involves an incredible amount of flexibility and a new set of skills. Making the professional leap from self-leadership to leading others can be a tricky transition. Here’s how to navigate through.

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Breaking Through Joy Barriers in Our Organizations

There are many things that threaten to steal our joy at work or at home. Scott Savage shares a few ways he’s found to break through those joy barriers.

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How One Woman Stole My Joy and What I Learned Fighting For It Back

In a world rocked by natural disasters, political tensions, war, racial conflict, and violent protests, is it foolish to worry about joy? Or defiant joy exactly what we need?

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Is Our Idea of Citizenship Flawed?

Is our idea of citizenship flawed? Scott Savage suggests that when it focuses only on privileges instead of service, we’re all in trouble.

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Are You Making an Impact: The Importance of Linchpins

What does it mean to be a linchpin? Would they miss you? Scott Savage challenges us to consider what we’re doing to impact our communities today.

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How to Finish Strong: The Secret You Already Know

Looking back on past success can provide clues to understand how to tackle our current goals. Self-awareness is the key to help you finish strong.

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I Hate Eggshells: Why We Avoid Tough Conversations and What We Risk in the Process

Writer Scott Savages takes a look at why we avoid tough conversations and how leaders can stop avoiding and start talking.

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Leadership is Love: Loving and Leading A Diverse Team

When a team spans several generations and has different perspectives, leadership is hard. Here are tips for loving and leading a diverse team.

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Don’t Waste a Crisis: How the Worst Thing Ever Brought Us Together

Crisis in an organization, family or community can destroy relationships. It can also bring people together. Here’s how to go from crisis to common ground.

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