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Zach Morgan is a writer, editor, and recent college graduate living in San Diego, CA. Check out his blog, Brew Gab and follow Zach on LinkedIn.

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The End: Lessons on Writing and Wisdom

Writer Zach Morgan reflects on the lessons he’s learned during his tenure with Thin Difference. He shares his thoughts on writing and wisdom.

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The Components and Importance of an Enjoyable Workplace

Are you part of a close-knit team at work? Building an enjoyable workplace isn’t easy, but the benefits are lasting and well worth the effort.

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The “Highlight Reel” Effect: Relating to Interesting People

When confronted with an interesting person’s highlight reel, how do you respond? Does it defeat or inspire you? Here’s how to use envy to your advantage!

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Life Lessons and Benefits of Solo Travel

Traveling alone is challenging, and it isn’t for everyone. But if you have the opportunity, there are lessons to be learned and benefits of Solo Travel.

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Lessons in Resentment, Empathy and Understanding

Experiencing and processing resentment can lead to increased empathy and understanding if we let it. Zach Morgan shares a personal story of when he did.

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People-Pleasers: The Good, The Bad, and The Fixable

The intentions of people-pleasers may be good, the consequences of their behavior can be hurtful. Here’s how to change those unproductive people-pleasing habits.

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3 Tips for Better Living in the Moment

The inability to live in the moment is troubling and widespread. How do we keep from diverting our focus from the here and now and remain present?

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Social Media: What Millennials Have Learned and What Gen Z Must Know

As Millennials recognize how social media is impacting them personally and professionally, they’re uniquely suited to mentor Gen Z and future generations.

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Combating the Sunday Scaries: What Can Be Done?

Recent studies report that more than 70% of Americans wrestle with the Sunday Scaries. What can we do to combat this common, anxiety-related affliction?

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A Daily Endeavor: Finding and Engaging Diversity

Did you grow up in a bubble? What have you done to escape it? Engaging diversity opens new opportunities and develops your humanity.

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How Experience is Actively Built

Zach Morgan recognizes that people rarely take time to discuss how experience is developed. He shares how experience is actively built.

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Generational Wisdom: Lessons From My Grandfather

Zach Morgan has learned several life lessons from his grandfather. This generational wisdom has and will continue to serve him (and us) well.

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