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Zach Morgan is a writer, editor, and recent college graduate living in San Diego, CA. Check out his blog, Brew Gab and follow Zach on LinkedIn.

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Reaping the Benefits of Wandering: The Meditative Nature of Walks

Feel stuck in an office or bored on the weekend? Discover the benefits of wandering. Getting outside for a bit may be just the remedy you’re looking for.

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A Little Optimism When Work Gets Tough

When things are hectic and stressful, anxiety creeps in. It’s a challenge to have optimism when work gets tough. But you can, and here’s how.

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Getting the Best Out of a Difficult Work Relationship

Getting the best out of a difficult work relationship takes sensitivity, empathy, and a lot of discipline. Here are a few tips to make it work.

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Is “I Work Too Hard” a Legitimate Weakness?

“I work too hard” is a typical answer to the interview question, “What is your biggest weakness?” How can working too hard be a weakness?

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Avoiding Bias in a Mid-Year Self-Review

Avoiding bias in a self-review can be tricky business. While it might be tough to avoid it completely, minimizing it totally possible. Here’s how.

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Time Flies: Stop Wasting It

Times moves quickly. As we age it seems to go quicker and quicker. Zach Morgan shares some personal realizations and implores us to stop wasting time.

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Considering How We Define Success

How we define success is a question we all must wrestle with. While it’s common to consider only our professional accomplishments or wealth, Zach Morgan hopes we’ll take time to broaden our definition.

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Adjusting Professional Expectations: How Compromise Can Improve Productivity

When a new position doesn’t meet our exact expectations, it’s challenging. Sometimes a little bit of compromise goes a long way to improving our productivity and our job satisfaction.

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The Hangnail Lesson: Facing a Failure to Act

Zach Morgan learned a valuable life lesson from a hangnail. The painful situation gave him an opportunity to face his fear confront his failure to act.

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Daydreams: Inspiration or Escape?

Our imaginations are powerful tools. Do your daydreams work as inspiring thoughts to motivate your or are they ways to escape the hard work associated with achieving your goals?

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A Competition All In Your Head: Is It Helpful or Hurtful?

A little healthy competition can be a powerful motivator. What happens to that motivation when a spirit of competition spoils and leads to envy and spite?

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No One Deserves Toxic Friendship

No one is immune to and no one deserves toxic friendship. What do you when you discover that a relationship is not good for you?

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