Rethink - An Unlife LifeWhat if you could go back and unlife some things Undo bad habits in your life. Undo unproductive personal and work priorities. Rethink how you think. Unlife and breathe “life” back into your hectic schedule.

Monday morning will start Sunday night. Do you dread getting up Monday anticipating it? It’s all in your perspective. One thing is for sure, Monday is coming and Tuesday is right behind it. Life doesn’t stop.

Unfortunately, there are some things you can’t undo. But, there’s a lot you can unlife. You can create a new finish line. You can make a difference. People, work, your boss and society will tell you their version, but does that have to be your version? Do you have to live someone else’s goals and aspirations? Why not unlife it?

It’s your choice. Continue to drudge through life and wander, or, unlife what needs to go away and thrive. Wherever you are, whatever point in life, whatever “title” you carry at work, you can lead. You can make a difference.

Unlife Suggestions

Define success.  Society says success is wealth, power, title, position and having a lot of “stuff”. Do you agree? Are you willing to be different and challenge the definition? Write yours out. Do you want “stuff” or do you want to lead and help others. There is nothing wrong with wealth and “stuff” but what counts is perspectiveHow important are they? Are they worth exhaustion, no time with your family, divorce, a failed marriage, no relationship with your kids, worrying about your job every day and how much power you have? Don’t battle perfection. What happens when you get there? Do you quit?

Alignment with success.  Once you define success, make the changes in your personal life and work life that aligns with your definition. It’s your definition. You own it and live it. What do you need to “unlife” that is keeping you from success as you define it? Is it realistic? Is it achievable?

  • Do you need to lead more and manage less?
  • Do you need to turn off your electronic devices at home and give your family your FULL attention?
  • Can you volunteer your time somewhere?
  • Are you indispensable at work? Can they do without you? If not, make sure they can’t.
  • What new skill can you learn?
  • Who dictates where you spend your time, the clock or your values?
  • What self-development activities can you work on every day?
  • What do you need to add to your “unlife list”? A stop-doing list on steroids.

The choice is yours. You can wander through life, or, unlife some things and live. Be a great worker, husband, wife, father, dad, friend, co-worker, son, daughter, leader or follower.  All are excellent choices.

It starts with a decision. Continue doing what you’ve always done, or unlife some things you’ve always done and live, learn and grow.

The choice is yours.


John BossongJohn Bossong is an experienced business leader and who is very active with his family and community. He has extensive sales, leadership and continuous improvement training background. John has led, sold and managed in the trenches, day in and day out, and his perspective on sales and leadership is the result of practical experience, training and research. Visit his Leadership, Sales, and Life blog and follow John on Twitter (@JohnBossong) for more insights and practical advice.