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For Brazil, winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.

As the country hosts the 2014 FIFA World Cup, its men’s national team feels the heat of 1,000 suns. Not only is Brazil the “spiritual” home of the world’s most popular sport, but the country already lost the World Cup on its own soil in a stunning defeat back in 1950.

Expectations for Canarinho could not be higher. (That’s Brazil’s team nickname which means “Little Canary.” See every World Cup nickname here.)

At times, we all feel Brazil’s burden and the inescapable need to “win.” How often do we see another Millennial land a huge paycheck for the latest and greatest startup? This time: Washio.

What about the rest of us? Are we blowing our chances?

Nonsense. Success in our 20s is the ability to exit the decade with a clearer sense of purpose.

To arrive at that point, we must be what the world needs of every 20-something. I’ll explain…

The World Needs You to Step in Line

If you’re habitually late or dress like a slob, people will offer you less opportunities. Doors which should swing wide open will instead lock forever.

The worst part? You’ll never know what you might have missed.

The World Needs You to Not Think So Much

Your first gig won’t be your “forever” job, but it will show you the kind of work you dislike and a glimmer of the kind you love.

So pick something and dive in.

The World Needs You to Fall Flat on Your Face

In our 20s, mistakes aren’t actually mistakes. They are golden moments of heightened clarity.

Now go and screw up all over this great land of ours. Retain the lesson, shed the bad memory and keep plugging away.

The World Needs You to Ask Everyone About Everything

Job interviews. Networking with strangers. Lunch breaks with co-workers.

To more you ask, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you understand the world and your place within it.

The World Needs You to Give Without Hesitation

Concede the spotlight, lose the ego and offer your time. When you live for other people, “luck” beats a path to your door.

What’s “luck”? The chance to do the work you truly love.

The World Needs You to be Vulnerable

Assume, in your 20s, you are far from perfect. Figure you need other people to critique your performance.

In fact, let’s start right now. Stop using these two words. They make you sound lame.

The World Needs You to Go Beyond

When others quit, you keep going. Where others stop, you push further.

The world doesn’t need mediocre, average and typical. There’s a drastic shortage of authentic 20-somethings.

Fill the void.

The World Needs You to Listen to Your Soul

Shut out the noise, ignore what your friends do or say and look within.

If you spend your 20s trusting your instincts, you will uncover what the world needs most.

You. In the purest sense.

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The article is republished with permission from Danny Rubin, News to Live By.

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