It’s 2019! We made it! A new year always brings with it resolutions, goals, visions and possibilities. This year, I have a challenge for you. Yes, you! What if this year we all started gambling? Not on sports, nor at a casino or racetrack, but on ourselves. What if you bet on yourself? Starting today. What if you took a leap of faith, taking a chance on yourself?

Ready to Take a Gamble on You?

The thought is more than scary, it’s downright radical, I know, but hear me out. The first step, is the biggest. It comes well before the actual betting. TRUST. Trust that you know what you are doing, or can learn what you don’t know. Trust that you won’t purposefully hurt yourself or put yourself in a dicey situation. Trust that you have made it this far using your brain, intuition and emotions, what would be the difference now?

The second step is to BELIEVE. Believe that you can do it. Believe that you are a smart, talented and resourceful person. Believe that there can be success in whatever endeavor you are interested in doing. Believe that the world wants to hear from you! Your voice is missing and there is no time like right now. Believe in yourself.

Know that there is enough room for you and your plans.

Third, you need to KNOW. Know who you are. Know your skillsets and interests. This will lead you down a pathway towards where you want to be. Know that even if someone else has done, or is doing what you want to do, the world hasn’t had your particular version yet. Know that there is enough room for you and your plans. Know that there is someone out there waiting for exactly what you bring. Know your strengths and weaknesses so you can act accordingly.

Finally, your next step is to FAIL. That’s right. You will get some of your best lessons when you fail. So don’t fear failure. It’s a hard notion to embrace, but there is no one that I can think of that is successful who hasn’t failed. We all do it; if we haven’t yet, we will. How you view failing will determine how big your bounce-back will be.

Now just bet on yourself! We believe that anything is possible when it comes to others, but have a terrible time seeing maximum potential in ourselves. You don’t need to make lofty goals or huge plans; it’s all about what you want and need. Like with most things, it’s all a mind game. Before you step out and take that leap of faith, get your head in it. Visualize the possibilities, then choose YOU as the only one favored to win.

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash
Many of us believe that anything is possible for others, but have a terrible time seeing potential in ourselves. What if this year you took a gamble on you?