There are two things that are true for all of us. Either you are in a season of change, where things are shifting, and you are making new adjustments. Or you will soon be in a season of change. It’s one or the other because life doesn’t stay the same. Pessimists label this as the chaos of our world. Optimists will say every day offers a new opportunity to grow. But either way, we all need to get used to change.

Navigating Inevitable Change

Right now, change is all around me. As I look out my window, the leaves are turning bright shades of red. More significantly, my family is about to change. We’re about to welcome in my third child and first daughter (or baby girl princess as I’ve been calling her). And, as other writers have shared, the Thin Difference platform that hosts this post will change a bit as well.

When it comes to change, sometimes we choose it, and other times it comes upon us whether we wanted it or not. Either way, there are almost always two byproducts that come as a result of it. In my experience, these byproducts pop up regardless of your generation. They are common ground for all of us.

Byproduct of Change: Insecurity

Change means moving from something known to the unknown. In the abyss of the unknown, it’s easy to feel off-balance and insecure, wondering if we have what it takes to live in this new reality.

Each time I’ve changed jobs, I’ve wondered if I could do what I was being tasked to do. Ironically, in the interview process, we’re supposed to project supreme confidence. But I think deep down, each of us has an element of insecurity of whether we could live up to the things we said and promises we made to get the job.

Even more so than a job, becoming a parent surfaced a ton of insecurity. I thought in some ways this would go away over time, but that hasn’t been the case, at least not for me. Having my first daughter makes me wonder if I know what it takes to raise, inspire, and empower her in this challenging world.

When we are forced to change, it compounds our insecurity. Perhaps we’re exiting a season that didn’t go well, and now we’re wondering if we have what it takes to succeed.

If you’re facing a season of change right now, don’t be surprised when insecurity comes. That’s part of the process. And don’t try to mask it, hide it, or act like it’s not there. I’ve found it’s best to name it and let others speak into it. We all know what it’s like to feel that way, and other people can help you process which narratives are false and which ones you might need to address to move forward in a healthy way.

Byproduct of Change: Opportunity

Change also produces opportunity. The only way we ever grow is when life changes. It gives us a chance to explore what we can do, learn different skills, connect more deeply with different people, and make a difference in a new way. We know this is true from experience. Every highlight and accomplishment you are proud of came as a result of change. You took a risk and saw something happen in and through you.

If we know change creates space for a new opportunity, why do we resist it so much? Warren Berger, the author of “The Book of Beautiful Questions,” cites research that shows how our brains naturally resist anything that messes with our status quo. We have a fear of the unknown, which means we tend to favor playing it safe. When change is upon us, we have to convince ourselves that great opportunity awaits, even when everything inside us wants to stay put.

On top of the opportunity to grow, change also provides the opportunity to celebrate the past. It’s a chance to look back and see how far we’ve come as we move forward into a new season.

Change Coming to Thin Difference

I’m certainly celebrating Thin Difference and the work of Jon Mertz and my teammates who have shared their valuable perspectives on this platform. Their work has reminded me that there aren’t many spaces that cultivate nuanced, uplifting, and truly collaborative conversations. I’m celebrating personal growth too. I’ve written for this site for four years. I appreciated the opportunity to refine my voice and that people were open to reading what I had to say.

Change is hard, and it’s good. I don’t naturally like it, but I ultimately need it because I want to continue to grow, become better, and discover more ways to make a difference. That’s true for me. That’s true for the Thin Difference community. And it’s true for you too. So, as you face change today, tackle that insecurity head-on and embrace the opportunity. This season could wind up being one of your life’s highlights.

Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash
Change is inevitable, but navigating it can be tricky. The upside is that the byproducts can be inspiring and push us to growth and improvement.