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Jon Mertz

leadership fails
March 21, 2017

Leadership Fails and Who Cares?

Something isn’t working. Leadership fails. MBA programs produce mismanagement. Henry Mintzberg thinks so. Read his…
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heart path
March 7, 2017

Walking the Heart Path: An Interview with Sharon Reed

Sharon Reed does many things. Sharon serves as Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of the…
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business force for good
March 2, 2017

Is Your Business a Force for Good?

  Can business be a force for good? Starting with this question is easier to…
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mindful in motion
February 25, 2017

How to Be Mindful in Motion

Mindfulness is often described as being present. Stillness benefits our mind and calms our soul.…
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February 21, 2017

The Need for a Culture of Belonging

Belonging is an essential human expectation. More than an expectation, belonging is community, and community…
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February 16, 2017

Upstanders: 7 Essential Guiding Principles

“Despite my preference to stay out of the media. I’ve taken the view that each…
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distrust yourself to gain trust
February 7, 2017

Distrust Yourself to Gain Trust of Others

Trust vanishes. In an unexpected way, distrust prepares the comeback of trust. Distrust sets the…
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trust depression
January 31, 2017

We Are in a Trust Depression

The Great Depression was an economic collapse that left people unemployed, unconfident, and uncertain. To…
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action over talk
January 24, 2017

Less Talk, More Action: Where Do You Fall?

Pick a social channel and individuals are offering advice and commentary. Within the mix is…
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Millennials in the Workplace
January 19, 2017

What Simon Sinek Got Wrong about Millennials in the Workplace

During the past month, several individuals sent me the YouTube video of Simon Sinek discussing…
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