Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz is one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business and highlighted as one of the Leaders to Watch in 2015 by the American Management Association. He also is the author of
Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders.
Jon has a background as a farmer’s son in his formative years, a political appointee during his 20s, and a marketing and business development leader over the past twenty plus years. His work has been in large and entrepreneurial companies like Deloitte, IBM, QuickArrow, and Corepoint Health.

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Should Business Leaders Promote Policy? A Key Question

Business leaders are playing a bigger role in society by engaging in and promoting policy. While some question their role, business leader activism is a needed role.

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Great to Good Leadership: Good Activates Better Leadership

In leadership, we need a shift from great to good. We need to focus more on the greater good than individual greatness. Good activates better leadership, and the time is now.

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Walking Reflection: What Do You See and Hear? What Answer Emerges?

Spend twenty minutes in a walking reflection, seeking the answer to the question, “Are we on the right path?” Our communities need focus on how we can do more for the greater good.

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The True Test of Leadership Development: Hiring or Promoting?

What is the true test of leadership development? It relates to hiring or promoting. Investment in leadership development needs to be renewed for your organization’s sake.

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Hope Is a Strategy. You Might Be Surprised Where.

Hope is a strategy. Words together that I never thought realistic. However, followers desire hope in offering enthusiasm for the future. Employee engagement grows through hope.

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Trust and Engagement: A Leadership Jolt to Act

Trust and engagement are declining. We need a leadership jolt and reboot our practices to raise trust and engagement to better levels.

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Better Society, Better Days: Moving from Stale Leaders to Smart Leaders

Bold statements on better days and better society inspire. We need more than inspiration. We need smart leaders from all generations.

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Personal Responsibility Versus Corporate Responsibility: Evolutionary?

Technology and innovations change lives. How we adapt depends on a mix of personal responsibility and corporate responsibility. The truth: It is evolutionary responsibility.

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Finding Our Citizenship Soul

Some may view the past year with a sense of excitement while others view it as turmoil. In either view, finding our citizenship soul is critical, and we need to begin in several areas.

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How Would You Like Your Leadership? Scrambled or Unscrambled?

Leadership can be scrambled or unscrambled. We have a choice in how we lead and in who we want to follow. We need to make the leadership choice.

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Do We Think and Act Too Big?

Is being too big getting us in trouble and off track? Being big leads to focusing on the wrong things. It is time to narrow focus and act with meaning.

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Millennials: Smart Cities Need Smart Citizens

To achieve a Smart City model, Smart Citizens need to rise up, and Millennials need to take the lead. Smart Citizens will focus on policy and solutions.

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