Without a doubt, Facebook fails in upholding truthful standards. Maybe they are incapable of verifying political ads, and perhaps their approach is incomplete in labeling what is reliable, leaving open to interpretation what is. Laws need to change to hold companies like Facebook accountable for better ethics.

Blogging falls into a similar situation. Who holds bloggers accountable? Of course, readers are one way, but the same is true for Facebook and news organizations. Success is ignorance, especially with many social media platforms. Bloggers are responsible for what is occurring, too. Whether a Facebook post or a blog post, it is a sheep-like mentality. Most shift opinions on whether or how we should social distance, how to be resilient, or how the virus spread will unfold, and many changes are as fast as wind changes. Someone should track the data of the herd mentality among bloggers.

We stopped blogging here for many different reasons. One reason is simple: What more can be said at a high level? It is time to go deeper, documenting practices with real facts, real research, and demonstrated outcomes.

Leadership bloggers need to be a better example. All bloggers do.

My wish is straightforward. All bloggers should take a month off, publishing nothing. We have seen how pollution has cleared with quarantines. It would be wonderful to see less social clutter and more meaning.

By the way, if you want better news, then purchase a subscription and support journalists and news organizations. Our models are upside-down. Let’s clear out the bloggers and support news organizations again.

Added note on April 4th: I did not state this in the original post, but it is worth writing. I have heart-felt gratitude for the leadership bloggers who have supported me, and I hope my support has meant something too. Especially in the earlier blogging days, I learned a lot from so many of them. My leadership mindset changed on different topics because of what they wrote. I want to have that feeling again within the leadership blogging community. Maybe that is the point. We all need to raise our game, taking this time where life seems stalled in a virus-infected world to re-imagine our approach, deepen our thinking, and act for the betterment of as many as possible.


Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash