About a year ago, I paused Thin Difference. When I started this blog, the first reason was to begin writing. The second reason emerged as I began writing, and it was to support and encourage our next generation of leaders — Millennials and now Gen Z. Fast forward a decade, and I just completed my last formal class in an interdisciplinary leadership doctorate program. The next step is to complete my dissertation in practice, which my focus is on social enterprise leadership and moral courage.

A few weeks ago, I launched my professional website – Jon Mertz.com. In many ways, my new site is an evolution from my work here. The intersection of business and society and the expectation for business leaders to use their platform as a force for good is a generational shift. More than ever, it is a needed shift, and I am energized by what the next generation of leaders will do to improve our society through their business and community leadership.

Join me. You can sign up for my newsletter on my new site – Jon Mertz. Let me know your thoughts, and let’s continue to change the world for the better.

Stay well!