Maya James

Maya James enjoys the finer things in life: good conversation, learning new things and delicious food. Whether taking a class to learn a new skill, or teaching herself Spanish via a free phone app, she understands that life is good when you challenge yourself. It is especially wonderful when you enjoy the journey along the way. A Chicago native, born and raised, she takes pride in her city, but considers the rest of the world very welcoming and travel essential. Maya finds cultivating relationships and taking her time in all things, a must. A writer, she blogs when she can, and takes notes for the future or soaks up memories when she can’t.

Maya’s passion is working with small businesses to help them amplify their voice via social media and blogging. She also works as an event planner, specializing in logistics, and as an outsourcing agent, helping small businesses grow and refine their practices.

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Maya James's Articles

Leaving a Lasting Impression

What would your former co-workers say if they were asked about you today? Writer Maya James shares her thoughts on making a lasting impression.

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Five Tools Leaders Use to Make a Work Experience More Memorable

How do we make sure a work experience is rewarding for everyone involved? Here are five tools leaders use to make things memorable.

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Is a Mid-Life Change Really a Mid-Life Crisis?

When someone takes a different path or makes a change mid-life, is it really a mid-life crisis? Or is it something worth encouraging?

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Celebrating a Personal New Year and Setting Thoughtful Intentions

Each year, writer Maya James marks her birthday as a second personal New Year. Here’s how the practice keeps her on track to set thoughtful intentions.

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Facing Consequences: Considering Cancel Culture

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor, Kyle Kashuv, has been in the news. He’s facing consequences of prior bad acts.

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Summer Slowdown: The Fun of Being In the Moment

During the long, warm days of summer, it’s tempting to pack our schedules and do “the most.” Maya James makes a case, instead, for being in the moment.

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Addressing Gender Bias, Discrimination, and Abuse Through Education

One of our greatest generational issues is how we address abuse and harassment. Maya James has ideas for addressing gender bias through education.

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Tell Me a Story: How Generational Storytelling Can Help Light a Path to Our Future

Daily life can get in the way of passing down oral history. Writer Maya James makes a case for the importance of generational storytelling.

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Diversity Hiring and Promotion Efforts: Are Your Initiatives Effective?

Are your company’s Diversity Hiring and Promotion Efforts effective? It’s time to honestly consider if you’ve done all you can to recruit a diverse staff.

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Take a Gamble on You

Many of us believe that anything is possible for others, but have a terrible time seeing potential in ourselves. What if this year you took a gamble on you? Here’s how.

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Start Plotting Your Exit: The Importance of Thinking Ahead

Being loyal to your employer is important, but loyalty to yourself can be even more rewarding. Maya James shares the importance of thinking ahead.

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My Ancestor’s Wildest Dreams: Looking Back to Move Forward

Career leaps are unsettling. Finding inspiration from the stories of those who came before can be a comfort. Sometimes looking back to move forward is key.

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