Maya James

Maya James enjoys the finer things in life: good conversation, learning new things and delicious food. Whether taking a class to learn a new skill, or teaching herself Spanish via a free phone app, she understands that life is good when you challenge yourself. It is especially wonderful when you enjoy the journey along the way. A Chicago native, born and raised, she takes pride in her city, but considers the rest of the world very welcoming and travel essential. Maya finds cultivating relationships and taking her time in all things, a must. A writer, she blogs when she can, and takes notes for the future or soaks up memories when she can’t.

Maya’s passion is working with small businesses to help them amplify their voice via social media and blogging. She also works as an event planner, specializing in logistics, and as an outsourcing agent, helping small businesses grow and refine their practices.

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Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? Do you ever try? Maya James shares what she’s learning about making decisions and silencing the noise that surrounds her.

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Try 40 Days of… Anything! Creating Habits One Challenge at a Time

Confession: I am a non-church-going Catholic. Whether we’re talking about Mass or service at my current church home (a United Church of Christ community), I haven’t been regularly to either. In fact, the last service I attended, was for someone’s funeral. You can say I have slacked off, a bit or a lot. Regardless of…

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Are You Really Fed Up? Advice for Those Who Say They’ve Had Enough, but Maybe They Haven’t

I remember one day, talking to a former coworker who was also a friend, about her relationship. She was telling me all the things her boyfriend, whom she shared a home with, was doing wrong and his constant mistreatment. The relationship was dysfunctional, dishonest and missing love. It wasn’t abusive, just bad. Some Unexpected Advice…

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Sifting Through Personal Wins in a Very Odd Year

The news, social media and even friends and family are all in agreement, 2016 was weird, sad and in many ways ridiculous to say the very least. Scroll down any timeline, and you are sure to see a new surprising celebrity death, yet another incident of injustice, world crises and politics gone awry. It’s enough…

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How This Procrastinator Tricks Herself Into Not Procrastinating

I am a procrastinator. I am also a worrier. This odd intersection of me putting off what I should be doing today, until tomorrow and stressing about what will happen if I don’t end up doing it tomorrow, puts me in a suspended state. How to Trick a Procrastinator Into Action In an effort to…

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The Safe Spaces I Have, But Didn’t Know I Needed

The United States of America just wrapped up a long and tiresome election season. No matter what side you’re on, it ended with a bang. I didn’t vote for the winner. I spent the days leading up to the election praying and meditating that the person who inevitably won, wouldn’t. I was so nervous and…

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